Dispatches from the Office of Doodlery

Important Images have been Released by the Belgian Cats Office of Doodlery. These Drawings are created on a Daily Basis in the Office in conjunction with the Tireless Work of the Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions. It is Imperative that these Documents be treated with a High Degree of Sensitivity. We will publish Further Entries as they are Made Available.

Most Recent updated Postings: January 23, 2011

Kort Endik and Bebita Pepino Added to Known Belgian Cats List

Kort Endik, seller of Insurance, and Private Detective Bebita Pepino have been Officially Added to the Known Belgian Cats List by the Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions.

Endik has been Known to Sell Insurance at Questionable Market Value to vulnerable Individuals; however, his Practices have always fallen within the Scope of the Law and he has not been brought to Court for any Mis-Deeds. However, his status as a Known Belgian Cat has been Verified.

Pepino is a Veteran Sleuth with a Tendency to present herself with an Aire of Befuddlement. But it has been Noted by most of her Clients that underneath her Appearance, a Sharp Mind and Well-Honed Instincts allow her to crack virtually any Case.

The Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions encourages any Person who has observed any of the Known Belgian Cats to make a Report on the Incident at belgiancats.net.

–The Minister of Information.

Cadenza Vieuxtemps Added to Known Belgian Cats List

Chansonnier Cadenza Vieuxtemps has been added to the List of Known Belgian Cats by the Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions.

Descended from a Famous Belgian Composer, Ms Vieuxtemps is one of the Nation’s Premiere Vocal Talents. She frequently elicits Raves for her Stunning and Emotionally Powerful Renditions of both Classical and Moderne Music.

Further Information about the Belgian Cats can be found at www.belgiancats.net.

–The Belgian Controller of Cat Records & Director of Benign Intentions.

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‘Dirtyface’ Gang Responsible for Magritte Theft?

The famous Painting, “Olympia,” by Rene Magritte, valued at around €750,000, was Stolen by Armed Bandits at the Painter’s Former Home in Brussels this week.

Belgian Constables are Searching for Clues, but it was Leaked Today that Belgian Cat and Notorious Gangster ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni may be Implicated. Sources Reveal that ‘Dirtyface’ is known to be Fond of Magritte’s Work and may have a small Collection of Rare and even Stolen Pieces by the Artist.

Zanoni Himself was not thought to have been at the Scene to Perform the Robbery, which took place during the Day and was Perpetrated by Two Armed Men.

Anyone with Information on the Heist should contact the Belgian Authorities Immediately, and are Advised that their Protection from Dirtyface’s Gang is Guaranteed if it is deemed Necessary.

–The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

‘Dirtyface’ Implicated in Bruges Jail-Break

Notorious Gangster and Belgian Cat ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni has been implicated by Authorities in a recent Dramatic Escape from a Prison near Brugge.

The Prison Break involved three Highly Dangerous Criminals and an Accomplice taking over a Helicopter to fly to Freedom. One of the Criminals, Ashraf Sekkaki, is a known Associate of Zanoni’s, having been involved in a number of Bank Robberies attributed to the Dirtyface Gang prior to his Arrest in 2000. Sekkaki had also previously Escaped from another Belgian Prison in 2003 before being re-captured.

This is the third Helicopter Prison Break in two years from a Prison in Belgium – the first occurred in April of 2007 at Lantin Prison; the second was from a High-Security Prison in Ittre later in the same Year. These two Dramatic Escapes resulted in a Mandate for Helicopter-Proof Netting to be installed into all Belgian Prisons. The Brugge Facility has not yet Moved Forward with its Installation.

Along with Sekkaki, Mohammed Johry and Abdel Had Kahjary Mulloul are also on the lam. Belgian and International Authorities are working Diligently to track down the Trio and bring them back into Custody.

–The Minister of Information & the International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

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Upcoming Elections Trouble for Zuur?

Belgian Cat and Socialist Walloon Persia Zuur is making no Comment about the nationwide Polling regarding June 7th Regional Elections to be Held in the Nation of Belgium – but he is likely feeling Nervous about it. Data suggests Big Losses for the Socialist Party through-out Wallonia, with Gains for many of the Smaller Parties.

Zuur, a prominent Socialist, has been Working of late on Efforts to maintain a Unified Belgium – and has not been made especially Available to the National Party Leaders as a Political Strategist. The Growing Flemish Separatist Movement on top of Zuur’s Absence from the Election Process may be dealing a double Blow to the Party come Sunday. Some have even Suggested that the ultimate Disappearance of the Socialists from the national Unity Government is Imminent.

The Citizens of the Nation of Belgium, as well as Leaders from the rest of the European Union, will be watching Sunday’s Elections very Closely.

–The Minister of Information.

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Princess Ophelia Pays Visit to Zoo’s Newborn Elephant

The first Baby Elephant to be Born in a Belgian Zoo was Visited today by an Envoy from the Royal Palace: Princess Ophelia. Ophelia visited the Antwerp Zoo after the Baby’s Long-Awaited Birth (Elephant pregnancies last nearly two years).

The Baby’s name, Kai-Mook, was announced at a Press Conference on Tuesday by Antwerp Mayor Patrick Janssen and Flemish Prime Minister Kris Peeters. In Celebration of the Birth, residents throughout Belgium will receive Birth Announcement Cards.

Indeed, the entire Nation of Belgium was celebrating the Birth this Week, with a flood of new Visitors attending the Antwerp Zoo, media Interest in the Birth, Princess Ophelia’s ceremonial Visit, and Smiles gracing the Faces of the Belgian Citizenry.

To view Kai-Mook’s Official Web-Site and watch Video of the Birth, Press Conferences, and Princess Ophelia’s Visit, click here.

—The Minister of Culture—

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Flemish Ban French Language Political Posters

Belgian Cat and Socialist Walloon Persia Zuur is up in Arms this Week, along with Many in the European Union, over a Controversial Decision by Mayors in towns throughout Flanders to Ban any Political Posters that are in French by Removing or Painting over them.

Many regional Elections are taking place this month throughout Europe, including in Belgium. Tensions have been High betwixt Flemish-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia regarding the Rules of Governance in Belgium as it Relates to the Language Differences. Many Flemish, such as Belgian Cat Elton Jansen, have called for Breaking Away from the southern Walloons and forming their own Independent State.

Still, the likes of Jansen and Zuur have been in Meetings and Talks with Prime Minister Van Rompuy and Others about how to Maintain a United Belgium. Political Flare-Ups such as these during an Election are seen as a Barrier to the Progress of such Dialogue, but may be Inevitable until a True Compromise is Reached between the Different Regions.

–The Minister of Information.

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Belgian Royalty Keeping Low Profile

In these Difficult Economic Times facing the Nation of Belgium and the World, the People have been shown to have a relatively Low Tolerance for frivolities such as Glitzy Parties, Flashy Public Displays of Wealth, and the obvious Wasting of Money as proof of Social Status.

With that in mind, King Albert II of Belgium, as well as his Kin – including such notables as the Belgian Cat and Royal Princess, Ophelia – have been Toning Down their Public Appearances.

Albert and his Wife have been staying at the Royal Palace, administering to Matters of the State, including the ongoing Discussions between the parties of Flanders and Wallonia about maintaining a United Belgium.

Ophelia recently visited a Troubled General Motors Factory in Antwerp to show support for the Working Classes. She wore a Modest Outfit as a means of keeping her Critics Quiet regarding her Pension for donning Clothing of the Highest (and most Expensive) Fashions.

A Spokes-Person for the Royal Family pointed out that the King does not wish to appear Out of Touch with the Struggling Peoples of his Country, particularly during such difficult Economic as well as Political Turmoil.

–The Minister of Information.

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Sauerzopf Points to Improvement in Consumer Confidence

Belgian Cat and Financial Consultant Tigger Sauerzopf pointed to a slight Improvement in the Belgian Consumer Confidence Index during April as a Positive Step towards a Secure Belgian Economic Future.

The Index, which measures Overall Confidence based on factors such as Ability to Save, the Nation’s Economy, etc, rose marginally but is still in the Negative. Still, this is the first time the Index as Gained since the start of the Economic Downturn and the collapse (and subsequent Government Bail-Out) of the Belgian Banking Giant Fortis last September.

Sauerzopf, who has stated that he “betreurt” the term “Consumer,” nevertheless Conceded that an Individual’s Perception about their own Finances and Savings Accounts are a Key Factor in Recovery during an Economic Downturn, if only for the Reason that they Reflect the True Status of available Jobs and the Cost of Goods for Ordinary Citizens.

–The Minister of Economics–

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