Further ‘Dirtyface’ Tagging a Threat to Local Municipalities?

Further Tagging by ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni has been Spotted in San Jose, California. The Gang appears to be Focusing in Particular on Recycling and Rubbish Receptacles; Authorities are Investigating whether this is meant as a Threat to Local Rubbish Collectors, their Union Representatives, or even the Users of the Rubbish Bins Themselves. Here are some New Photographs from San Jose:

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Still no Recent Sightings of the Notorious Gangster Himself; International Constables working in San Jose have placed the Following Posters about Town in order to Raise Awareness of this Serious Matter:

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Field Representatives have also reported increased Levels of Dirtyface Tagging Evidence in the cities of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and upon the Island of Guam. If you have made a Sighting of Dirtyface or his Gang, please report it to the Belgian Controller of Cat Records & Director of Benign Intentions here.

To download the Wanted Poster for Dirtyface or for Other Criminally-Inclined Belgian Cats in order to Fully Inform members of your Neighbourhood of their Devious Activities, please visit our Belgian Cats Benign Propaganda Section.

Thank you, and Remain Safe.

—The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium—


Google Sued by Belgian News Agency

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels was called upon recently to Participate in a Lawsuit being filed by Belgian Newspaper Group Copiepresse. Nanu was able to Calculate Damages caused to the Agency after Google stored Content on its Google News Search Engines without Permission from the Copyright Holder. Copiepresse is asking for Damages in the range of €32.8 million to €49.2 million for the Alleged Copyright Violation. Google denies any Wrongdoing.

Nanu was unable to Comment on his Ongoing Advisory Role other than to say that he remains in Contact with the Copiepresse representatives and plans to Assist them in whatever Manner they deem Necessary and Proper.

Here is a News Article about this Matter.

We will Continue to keep Readers Informed about this Case as it relates to Professor Nanu or any other Affected Belgian Cats.

-The Attorney General of the Nation of Belgium-

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American Ambassador has Lost his Luggage

Sam Fox, the American Ambassador to Belgium and close Associate of Belgian Ambassador Armondo Blanco, has Lost his Luggage.

–The Minister of Information

Belgian Bud

Jeepers de Vooght, Monastic BrewerMonastic Brewer Jeepers de Vooght has noted that he is particularly “amused” by This Story – apparently a Belgian Brewing Company is looking at the Possibility of purchasing Anhauser-Busch, brewer of Budweiser and other Low-Quality American Lagers. De Vooght maintains that the Best Beer is and always has been Brewed in the Ancient Trappist Tradition.

–The Minister of Information

Madame Isis appears in story of “Fiction”

Madame Isis, Lady in WaitingLady in Waiting Madame Isis has made a rather Realistic Appearance in a work of “Fiction” at the website Fictionpress.com. The story is written by an Individual whose Personal Experience with Madame Isis is Clear based on the Characteristics given to the Lusty Lady in the Story: she appears as a somewhat Mysterious yet Wise Woman of Great Influence and (perhaps) Inescapable Sexuality.

The Author uses what appears to be a Pen Name, “Female Fred,” most likely in order to Conceal his or her Identity from Publick Scrutiny about a Relationship with the famous Belgian Cat.

Read the Story here and make your own Judgement.

–The Minister of Information

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Murray & Justine Linked?

Murray Malone, Jet-Set SocialiteNewly retired Belgian Tennis Star Justine Henin has been linked with Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone in Recent Days. Numerous Gossips have reportedly Spotted the pair Canoodling in semi-Private Locales – but it is difficult to remain Private when you’ve got Murray Malone on your Arm and his Entourage of Paparazzi on your Heels. The two apparently met at a Fancy Party late last Year and became Fast Friends, but Murray was at that time linked with the beautiful Chansonnier Cadenza Vieuxtemps. That Pair has since Split (amicably, or so say their Publicists), and Murray, not one to remain Single for Long, has apparently Moved On to the sexy Tennis Star Justine, who split from her Husband early last year. No news as to whether this new Coupling is linked to Henin’s recent Retirement, which sent Shock-Waves throughout the Tennis Community.

–The Minister of Gossip.

Tennis Star Justine Henin

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Gris Gris Film Debuts at Cannes

Gris Gris, Film DirectorBelgian Film Director Gris Gris has created a new Film entitled “Een Buitengewone Werk van Schoonheid” which is generating much Buzz at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The Buzz, however, is somewhat difficult to Decipher.

Though the Film has not yet been Screened for Viewing by the Publick at Large, Critics have seen it and made the following Declarations about its Merits:

“Opaque.” –Dallas Morning News

“Completely unwatchable nonsense.” –Chicago Tribune

“Revolting and offensive.” –New York Daily News

“Vacuous, with nothing to look at or make sense of.” –European Voice

“I would not recommend this movie to anybody, period.” –Los Angeles Times

“Self-righteous rubbish, an insult to everyone in the theater wasting their valuable time on it, and an instant addition to my list of all-time worst films.” –The Guardian

“If the film cans filled with the only copy of this film had lit fire in front of me at the exact moment that I had a sudden desperate need to urinate, I would not have bothered wasting my water to put it out; rather, I would have wet my own trousers in order to ensure that the film had been successfully disposed of.” –Le Monde

“A surefire hot commodity on the indie film circuit.” –Variety

Nevertheless, the Film is in the running for the Palm d’Or, as the Festival Jury has stated that a Film “need not be good to be beautiful.”

-+-The Minister of Culture-+-

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Persia Zuur Implicated in possible Election Fraud?

Persia Zuur, Socialist WalloonPersia Zuur, the well-known Socialist Walloon, may be at work Yet Again in the Belgian Political Scene. The Council of Europe has appointed a French Person to investigate several Mayoral Elections in the Flemish region of Flanders which have come under Suspicion.

According to Euractiv.com:

“The three districts – Crainhem, Wezembeek-Oppem and Linkebeek – are situated in Flanders, but have French-speaking majorities. The three French-speaking candidates won large majorities, but the Flemish Government considers their victories flawed because the candidates sent electoral convocations in French, which it claims is illegal.

For Michel Guégan, the case reveals an unreasonable delay in that three elected local representatives have been denied the right to perform their duty, necessary for the good functioning of the respective districts. He did not venture to comment on whether the case was political or legal, but called for ‘more flexibility [and] more common sense’.”

Read the full article here.

Persia Zuur has been oft suspected of Involvement in Political Manipulation Schemes, though he has never been Officially Investigated in such Matters.

–The Minister of Information

Evidence of the Activities of ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni

The following Photographs were submitted as Evidence of the insidious Activities of “Dirtyface” Zanoni and his Gang.

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

This Evidence was discovered in the American towne of San Jose, California. Residents of that city are Advised to be Cautious. No other Information is available at this Time about the Actual Whereabouts of Dirtyface himself; this Tagging could represent his Gang, or his Minions, attempting to overtake this Particular Area.

—The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium—