Google Sued by Belgian News Agency

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels was called upon recently to Participate in a Lawsuit being filed by Belgian Newspaper Group Copiepresse. Nanu was able to Calculate Damages caused to the Agency after Google stored Content on its Google News Search Engines without Permission from the Copyright Holder. Copiepresse is asking for Damages in the range of €32.8 million to €49.2 million for the Alleged Copyright Violation. Google denies any Wrongdoing.

Nanu was unable to Comment on his Ongoing Advisory Role other than to say that he remains in Contact with the Copiepresse representatives and plans to Assist them in whatever Manner they deem Necessary and Proper.

Here is a News Article about this Matter.

We will Continue to keep Readers Informed about this Case as it relates to Professor Nanu or any other Affected Belgian Cats.

-The Attorney General of the Nation of Belgium-

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  1. Great Information

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  3. I got to read about this news in Rediff as well.

  4. I have been trying to followup this blog. Do you have some mroe data with regards to this case.

  5. Sounds interesting – I had no idea about this. Thanks to the writer of this blog

  6. Ahh – Is this iformation true as I have never heard abt it.

  7. Great information about the subject. More similar blog posts are welcomed.

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