Murray and Justine Spotted Again!

Tennis Superstar Justine Henin and Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone were Spotted once Again by Eagle-Eyed Celebrity-Watchers, this time on the French Riviera. Reports have them Cuddling, but not necessarily Kissing, and some Photographs have Surfaced.

Rumours have also Surfaced that the two showed up at a Party thrown by Belgian Film Director Gris-Gris in Cannes after the Film Festival there – but those in Attendance were strictly Close Friends of the Director (As Murray is Known to Be), and they have all been Quite Mum about whom or what they may have Seen.

And so, These Blurry Photos are the Best Evidence we can Give you at the Moment. Justine’s Publicist has decried them as “Inconclusive” – but you be the judge!

This Couple appears to be attempting a Get-Away from the Papparazzi - is it Justine and Murray?Arms Around one Another - that sure looks like Justine and Murray to us.We\'re not as Convinced on This One, but it was Submitted by a Viewer who seemed Quite Positive about the Subjects...

–The Minister of Gossip–

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