Rocky Rhodes to Bike North America for Cancer

Famed Mountaineer and Belgian Cat Rocky Rhodes has agreed to participate in a Bicycling Trip across North America from the State of Texas to the State of Alaska in order to Raise Money for Cancer Research.

Rhodes, whose Mother was recently Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, often Enjoys Fundraising events such as These – but with his Personal Experience, this Bicycle Trip is Particularly Close to his Heart.

“Het is belangrijk dat ik een bijdrage leveren op deze manier,” said Rhodes about the Journey, which will Begin at the University of Texas, Austin on June 7th, and is scheduled to end in Anchorage, Alaska on August 5th – about a 7,200-km Ride.

Rhodes, generally Known as a Mountaineer, says that Bicycling is his Second Passion. He was Specially Invited by the Texas 400 for Cancer, a Non-Profit Organisation which contributes to Cancer Research, to Participate due to his High Profile in the Outdoor Sports Community.

—The Belgian Institution for Athletics—

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  1. This is great info to know.

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