Gris Gris to Co-Produce Theatrical Show about Hurricane Katrina Survivors

Belgian Cat and Film Director Gris Gris will be putting his Talents to the Stage next Month at the Hub City Theatre Festival in the American Towne of Acadiana, Louisiana. The Towne is located just West of New Orleans, site of the famous Hurricane Katrina three Years ago, and it was also greatly Affected by that Storm.

Gris-Gris Productions will be co-producing a Play with the Assistance of the Festival Leadership, entitled “The Exile of Joe Gagliano.” It is Written by Chere Coen and involves a Family Affected by Katrina and forced to Re-Locate to another Towne.

Gris Gris said in a Statement that the images from that Storm “hebben spookt me voor drie jaar” and that he has been seeking an opportunity to put his Creative Talents into this sort of Endeavour for some time. “Het is een lokale productie over de gevolgen van de orkaan op de plaatselijke bevolking,” he said. “Dit is het soort van artistieke exploratie dat interesseert me.”

The Hub City Theatre Festival shows July 10th through the 12th in Acadiana.

—The Minister of Culture—

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