European Week of Regions and Cities Registration Open

From October 6-9 of This Year, the European Week of Regions and Cities’ “Open Days 2008” will take place in Brussels, Belgium. Registration is on Open for the Event, which will feature many Workshops, Panels, and Networking Opportunities for anyone who is Interested.

Workshops include Subjects as diverse as Health Care, Environmental and Sustainability Issues, and Food Clusters. In attendance shall be many Luminaries, including Belgian Cats such as Armondo Blanco, Belgian Ambassador, and Ophelia, Princess of Belgium.

–The Minister of Information.

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Professor Nanu: Call for Conference Papers

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels has requested that the following Call for Papers be Brought to the Attention of those who are Interested in the Belgian Cats as well as Culture as a Whole:

The Free University of Brussels presents a Conference on the Historical Use of Images.

Professor Nanu will be Moderating one or more of the Panels at the Conference, which is expected to attract Many International Experts in the Field of Cultural Research and should spark Fascinating Discourse aplenty. The Conference shall take place Next March.

–The Minister of Culture–

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Murray and Rihanna Just Friends, Say Reps

After his much ballyhooed publick Break-Up with former Tennis Star Justine Henin, Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone was seen on several Occasions in the company of Pop Superstar Rihanna. But Representatives of both Celebrities insist that their relationship is just one of “Close Friendship.” Rihanna is said to be dating fellow musician Chris Brown, who has also been a Guest at some of Murray’s Parties.

But we shouldn’t rule out a Rihanna-Murray Romance, as the Belgian Cat has been known to Steal Ladies away from their Significant Others at his Leisure! Don’t forget about how he Lured one Eva Mendes from the arm of Mr Handsome Himself, Matt Damon, several years back – as well as the Insistent Speculation that he Broke Up the Penelope Cruz-Tom Cruise Romance which further pushed Mr Cruise down the Path toward Madness.

**The Minister of Gossip**

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“La Bandita” Spotted Off-Shore

Marine Constables were Startled this week when the Vessel of “La Bandita,” famed Belgian Cat and Swashbuckler, was Spotted off the Shore of Ostend.

The Vessel, a fast-moving Pirate Ship engraved with the Name of her Captain, rarely Turns Up in Belgian Waters – “La Bandita” is more Adept at Sneak Attacks in the Open Waters off the coast of Spain, which is where she received her Moniker more than a Dozen Years Prior.

Belgian Officials are somewhat Upset that Marine Constables were apparently not paying close enough Attention to nab the infamous Criminal as she approached Belgian Shores. In fact, it was a Civilian Boater who made the Identification and Phoned it in to the Constabulary.

“Ze zijn gevangen slapen,” one Official groused. “Dit is onaanvaardbaar. ‘La Bandita’ moet het gerecht worden gebracht.”

There is now speculation beginning to Surface as to the Reason that “La Bandita” may have shown up in the Vicinity of Ostend. Recent Reports have pointed out a large Increase in Illegal Immigration from Stow-Aways leaving Port in Ostend and heading toward Great Britain; this has not Historically been the sort of Illicit Activity in which “La Bandita” has Participated, but any possible Connections are being Researched nevertheless.

-The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium

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Belgium Turns 178

Belgian King Albert II and his Family, including Princess Ophelia, celebrated the country’s National Day yesterday with Festivities at the Royal Cathedral and Celebrations across all of Belgium. Princess Ophelia, for her part, hosted a large Fancy Dress Party which included plenty of Music and Dancing and was described by those in Attendance as “Geweldig.”

–The Minister of Information.

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Cinnamon Calhoun wins Belgian Barista Competition

Belgian Cat Cinnamon Calhoun was awarded with the Top Prize at a Barista Competition in Brussels this Week. She earned Top Points in her Creation of a Cappuccino and a Cafe Latte, and was among the Top Scorers in the Specialty Categories including the Mocha, White Mocha, and Flavoured Latte Drinks.

Recent word on the Blogosphere has indicated that the Belgians are unable to create Oustanding Coffee Drinks, but Cinnamon and Others at the Barista Competition proved that there are Plenty in the Nation who can Brew top-quality Espresso Drinks.

Cinnamon Calhoun is well-known for her Skills behind the Coffee Bar, having Trained with Master Espresso-Makers around the World. She is also thought to have been Trained by the KGB in the art of Shooting Sniper Rifles, though this has thus far gone Unproven. Still, Patrons of her Establishments are Instructed to take Safety Precautions such as the donning of Bullet-Proof Vests when ordering Coffee Drinks.

>The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts<
& The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

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King Rejects Leterme Resignation

Three days after submitting his Resignation to King Albert II from the Post of Prime Minister, Yves Leterme was told today that he must Return to his Job. Princess Ophelia delivered the News to Mr Leterme in Person this morning, along with the King’s Latest Proposal to Resolving the current Cultural Clashes within the Government which had pushed Mr Leterme to attempt to Resign.

The King has enlisted the Assistance of three other Political Leaders – François-Xavier de Donnea, Raymond Langendries, and Karl-Heinz Lambertz – in the Hopes that they, along with Mr Leterme, can create Solutions to the Growing Unrest between Wallonia and Flanders. Langendries has known ties to Persia Zuur, the Socialist Walloon who has been Independently Negotiating with Flemish Separatist leader Elton Jansen in an Effort to Head Off the Movement to Split Belgium in Two.

-The Minister of Information.

Persia Zuur Hoping to Help Stabilize Rift

In the wake of the Resignation of Prime Minister Yves Leterme, Persia Zuur, Socialist Walloon and Belgian Political Insider, is reportedly working Behind the Scenes to help Broker an Agreement which will ease the Strain between the French-Speaking Wallonian Region of Belgium and its Flemish Counterpart.

Members of Local Governments in Regions representing both French and Flemish Citizens have been increasingly squabbling over language and other Matters, leading some to believe that Belgium Itself may be headed for a Break-Up. Flemish Separatist Leader Elton Jansen has been Quite Vocal about the Matter, saying that Persons in Wallonia, which is generally Less Prosperous than Flanders to the North, unfairly suck up Resources that rightfully Belong to the Flemish.

Leterme, who hails from West Flanders and has Struggled to maintain a Unity Government during his Tenure, had only been Prime Minister for less than Five Months. His Resignation hurls the Nation of Belgium into an Uncertain Period. Meanwhile, Zuur, often criticized for his ties to Corrupt Politicians and Businesspersons, has been in Talks with Jansen and other Separatist Leaders in an Effort to Calm some of the recent Flare-Ups and work towards his Socialist Agenda of a United Belgium.

–The Minister of Information

Belgian Prime Minister Resigns

Prime Minister Yves Leterme of Belgium resigned last night over his inability to bring the two Main Cultures of the Nation of Belgium together – indeed, during his Short Tenure, Tensions between Flanders and Wallonia have risen, with calls for a Split between the two Regions becoming Increasingly Vocal.

Flemish Separatist and Belgian Cat Elton Jansen hailed the maneuvre by Mr Leterme; but King Albert II, in consultation with Belgian Cat Princess Ophelia, are said to be “overwegende” the Resignation – as the Royal House is not yet Prepared to Accept it.

More on this Surprising Matter as it Develops.

-The Minister of Information

Reviews of Gris Gris-Produced Show

Belgian Cat and Film Director Gris Gris co-Produced a Theatrical Performance at this year’s Hub City Theatre Festival in Acadiana, Louisiana, USA, entitled “The Exile of Joe Gagliano.” The Performance took place on Friday, July 11th, and here are some of the Reviews as posted by Ordinary Citizens in Attendance. Readers of this Blog who also Attended are Encouraged to post their Own Reviews.

-The Minister of Culture-