iPhone Options Not Good for Belgian Cats

With the Impending Release of the new iPhone 3G, many Belgian Cats and other Belgian Citizens are seeking Good Deals on the exciting New Technology. Belgian Cat Tina Skaggs, for example, held off on the last Version of the Phone but is hoping to make an Upgrade to the new iPhone. But she Worries that Purchasing the Phone may Lock her into an Unreasonable Service Plan.

Mobistar is the Primary Phone Service that will be Tied to the iPhone, but Belgian Law requires that an Unlocked version be available as well. And so it will – but for a Hefty Price Tag. Skaggs, a regular Office Worker, doesn’t like the sound of that and fears that it will keep her away from the Appealing Gadget yet again.

“Ik heb niet de eerste iPhone kopen, omdat de diensten waren te duur,” she complains. “De nieuwe telefoon wordt verondersteld goedkoper, maar de diensten zullen de kosten nog meer!”

Indeed, Apple is marketing the new iPhone as a cheaper, faster version of the Original – but with the high Price Tags associated with Unlocked Phones, many ordinary Belgian Citizens such as Tina Skaggs will choose to skip it. Again.

##The Minister of Technological Gadgetry##


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  1. Hey Y’all,
    caught you on my Stat counter. Editilla should know better than to loose track of Cats anywhere sooo we hung y’all onto da’2nd Line too!

    Goddamn y’all are so funny! Jeez Louie!

    Please forward to da’Ministas my thanks and all…and if the M’o’T has any gadgetry to thusly link da’Ladda into the den…then, hey…
    Wat schreeuwen, Wat mauwen!!!

    Editilla~New Orleans News Ladder

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