Persia Zuur Hoping to Help Stabilize Rift

In the wake of the Resignation of Prime Minister Yves Leterme, Persia Zuur, Socialist Walloon and Belgian Political Insider, is reportedly working Behind the Scenes to help Broker an Agreement which will ease the Strain between the French-Speaking Wallonian Region of Belgium and its Flemish Counterpart.

Members of Local Governments in Regions representing both French and Flemish Citizens have been increasingly squabbling over language and other Matters, leading some to believe that Belgium Itself may be headed for a Break-Up. Flemish Separatist Leader Elton Jansen has been Quite Vocal about the Matter, saying that Persons in Wallonia, which is generally Less Prosperous than Flanders to the North, unfairly suck up Resources that rightfully Belong to the Flemish.

Leterme, who hails from West Flanders and has Struggled to maintain a Unity Government during his Tenure, had only been Prime Minister for less than Five Months. His Resignation hurls the Nation of Belgium into an Uncertain Period. Meanwhile, Zuur, often criticized for his ties to Corrupt Politicians and Businesspersons, has been in Talks with Jansen and other Separatist Leaders in an Effort to Calm some of the recent Flare-Ups and work towards his Socialist Agenda of a United Belgium.

–The Minister of Information

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  1. […] and Flanders. Langendries has known ties to Persia Zuur, the Socialist Walloon who has been Independently Negotiating with Flemish Separatist leader Elton Janson in an Effort to Head Off the Movement to Split Belgium […]

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