No Belgian Cats Harmed after Radioactive Leak in Fleurus

The Belgain Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions has determined that None of the Known Belgian Cats was involved in or harmed by the recent Radioactive Leak at the Institut National des Radioelements in Fleurus, Belgium.

The Leak of Radioiodine, or Iodine-131, has been described as the Worst to ever Occur in Belgium, and has lead to a Moratorium on the Consumption of certain Locally Grown Foods. However, Reports have been Insistent upon the Point that no Persons or Belgian Cats have been Immediately Affected.

–The Minister of Information
& The Belgian Controller of Cat Records & Director of Benign Intentions

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Misty Watters Forms Book Club at Bibliothéque Royale de Belgique

Belgian Cat Misty Watters of the Bibliothéque Royale de Belgique is promoting Belgian literature with a new Book Club at her Library.

Ms Watters, a Senior Librarian at the Bibliothéque, has become increasingly Frustrated by what she has Seen as her Fellow Countrymen’s lack of Familiarity with Belgian Literature, and she has Decided to make it something of a Crusade to focus on Awareness of her Nation’s Rich History. The Book Club, which is Free of Charge, will introduce an Important Work from a Belgian Author each Month, with a follow-up Discussion at each Meeting. Anyone is Welcome to Join.

Some of the Books on Ms Watters’ List include:

  • Advocaat by Anton Bergmann
  • De drie zustersteden, vaderlandsche trilogie by Karel Lodewijk Ledeganck
  • the Novellen by Rosalie and Virginie Loveling
  • Mijn levende schaduw by Paul De Wispelaere
  • Vallen by Anne Provoost
  • Ariane et Barbe-Bleue by Maurice Maeterlinck
  • For further Information, visit the Bibliothéque’s Web-Site at

    –The Minister of Culture–

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    Leterme to Cut Funding to Royal House?

    Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme has indicated that he would like to cut or reform the Public’s Funding of the Belgian Royal Family in order to free up Government Monies and help Unify the Nation.

    Belgian Cat and Royal Princess Ophelia, who is a Recipient of such Funding, spoke Cautiously about the Idea today. Though not Opposed to it in Principle, she said, “Het voorstel moet worden uitgevoerd met zorg.”

    King Albert II has yet to React to the Idea Publickly; but it should be Noted that he had previously pressed Leterme back into Service after the Prime Minister offered to Resign last Month. The King assembled a Coalition which was given the Task of Uniting the Nation in the Wake of much Squabbling betwixt the Flemish and Walloons – and this Idea (among others) appears to have been Bourne from out of this Coalition.

    –The Minister of Information.

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    Professor Nanu’s Cousin a Costume Expert

    Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels, a Known Belgian Cat, has a Cousin who is also a Professor. An expert in Historical Costumes and a Collector of Fine Hats, Ms Adina Nanu teaches in Bucharest, Romania at the National University of Arts.

    Here is an In-Depth Interview with Ms Nanu regarding her Passion for Historical Costumes.

    In his Memoirs, Professor Nanu writes Fondly of the Time he spent with his Cousin in his Youth. “Ze hield me aan te kleden,” he recalls. “Ik hield toen ze brengen kleding op mij. We waren heel dichtbij, voor een tijdje.”

    The Two have not seen each other in some Years, as both are Busy Professors; however, they still keep in Touch and have Plans for a Get-Together soon, perhaps in Switzerland.

    –The Minister of Information.

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    Murray Malone Song

    Just a Simple Link today – here is a Song by Peter Himmelman from a few Years Back, paying Homage to Belgian Cat and Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone.

    –The Minister of Culture.

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    Brown Says Murray-Rihanna Fling is No Big Deal

    In an interview with a Belgian Gossip Magazine, Hip-Hop Artist Chris Brown indicated that recent Talk of his rumoured girlfriend Rihanna and Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone having a possible Fling is “no big deal.”

    Rihanna has been Linked with Murray on Numerous Occasions, but their Public Relations Reps have indicated that the two are merely Friends. Still, Murray’s Reputation precedes him – but Brown isn’t worried, even if the Rumours are True.

    “He’s a player, and you gotta respect that,” Brown said. “[Rihanna] and me, we talk about that, it’s no big deal. We’re grown-ups, and sometimes you got needs. Murray’s a cool cat.”

    In fact, the Three of them have been seen together at Social Gatherings; now, there are Questions about whether there is a Highly Moderne Three-Way Relationship forming. To that, Brown says no way: “Sounds like the most ancient kind of relationship there is, man!” he laughed. Oddly, Brown failed to Confirm that he and Rihanna were Together in the first place, insisting on “privacy about our great friendship.”

    Meanwhile, Murray was spotted over the Weekend attending Clubs in New York City, but at some point is said to have found himself in Somewhat Intimate the company of American Actress Hayden Panettiere. Sources indicate the Two went to a Late-Night Diner together and shared a Limousine at the Conclusion of the Evening.

    **The Minister of Gossip**

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    Rocky Rhodes Missed Climb, but Isn’t Missing

    A slight Scare was Averted this week as famous Belgian Cat and Mountaineer Rocky Rhodes was discovered to be Alive and Well after early Reports indicated that he had gone Missing on his Latest Climb.

    Rhodes was set to conquer Mount Everest with a group of Climbers this Week, but he never showed up. His Team made efforts to Contact him and failed, then sounded the Alarm. Reports then began to suggest that Rhodes had departed on the Climb by himself, and become Lost.

    Later, Rhodes was found at home in Belgium. It turned out that he had been Unable to Depart from the Brussels Airport due to a Strike instituted by the Baggage Handlers there. So instead, he simply returned Home and Slept.

    –The Minister of Information.

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    Belgian Coffee

    We at the Belgian Institute for the Culinary Arts were somewhat Dismayed to unearth the Experience had by this Blog Poster regarding the Origins of Belgian Coffee.

    The Author’s Experience is somewhat Disappointing to those of us attempting to Spread the Culinary Experience of the Nation of Belgium to the World; however, such an Experience is perhaps not entirely Unusual.

    Belgian Cat and Coffee Expert Cinnamon Calhoun has written in to us regarding the True Nature of Belgian Coffee. The owners of the Norwegian Cafe in the Blog Article stated that Belgian Coffee is made with Cointreau and Bailey’s Irish Creame, which is Incorrect. In fact, Belgian Coffee is traditionally served in a Glass similar to that of an Irish Coffee, and warm, with Whipped Creame atop it – therefore, the connection with Bailey’s, a standard ingredient in Irish Coffee, can be understood. In fact, however, Belgian Coffee contains no Irish Creame. It also contains no Cointreau – which is a form of Triple Sec originating in the City of Anvers, France. Again, this is an Understandable Mistake, as the correct Liqueur to be Used in a Belgian Coffee is Elixir d’Anvers, which comes not from Anvers, France but from Antwerp, Belgium (called “Anvers” by French-Speaking Walloons within Belgium).

    A Traditional Cup of Belgian Coffee consists of six parts Hot Black Coffee to one part Elixir d’Anvers, blended together with a teaspoon of Sugar and topped with a dollop of Whipped Creame. As already stated, it is often served in a Glass Mug not unlike those used for Irish Coffee. Belgian Chocolate is also often Sprinkled atop the Creame for a touch of Visual Flair.

    As an Aside, we have been asked to Point Out that the film “Elixir d’Anvers” was an early Work of the Controversial Belgian Film Director Gris Gris. He served as an Assistant Director on that Film under the pseudonym “Guy Goossens.”

    *The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts*
    & -The Minister of Culture-

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    Reviewing the Trappist Ales

    Belgian Cat and Monastic Brewer Jeepers de Vooght has recommended this Excellent Series of Articles regarding some of the Many Wonderful Varieties of Trappist Brews available. Some are unfortunately Difficult to get Hold Of outside of their Native Lands, but such is merely an Excellent Reason to pay a Visit to the Nation of Belgium.

    –The Minister of Information.

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    Lilu Emami Added to Known Belgian Cats List

    Lilu Emami, Muckraking Photojournalist, has been Officially Added to the List of the Known Belgian Cats. This sassy character takes Award-Winning Photos and raises Eyebrows with her Unflinching Insights on the harsh Realities of Life and Society.

    —The Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions—

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