Scare, but No Major Injuries in Antwerp Circus Show

After performing for a Dozen Years without an Incident, the famous Belgian Trapeze Tandem Mei-Mei and Pan-Pan took a Fall at a Performance in Antwerp last week. The audience Gasped in Fright and an Elderly Woman Feinted; however, the Tandem walked away from the Spill with only Minor Injuries.

Mei-Mei and Pan-Pan, a Mother-Daughter Duo, have occasionally raised the Ire of Belgian Authorities by Performing their dangerous high-flying Trapeze Act without proper Safety Measures in Place. At the Antwerp show, a standard Safety Net was said to be Underneath the Pair as they tossed one another About; however, one of the throws found Pan-Pan spinning out of control into an Area not Covered by the Net, where she Landed and Rolled until Colliding with the Post of a Lighting Rig. Mei-Mei, aware of the Miscalculation of her Toss, panicked and also took a Fall – she landed in the Net but became somewhat Entangled in it.

Pan-Pan was Treated for Bruises and a Sprained Wrist. Mei-Mei needed only Bandages upon her Legs. The Elderly Woman was resuscitated and suffered no Ill-Effects.

–The Minister of Information.

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