Brown Says Murray-Rihanna Fling is No Big Deal

In an interview with a Belgian Gossip Magazine, Hip-Hop Artist Chris Brown indicated that recent Talk of his rumoured girlfriend Rihanna and Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone having a possible Fling is “no big deal.”

Rihanna has been Linked with Murray on Numerous Occasions, but their Public Relations Reps have indicated that the two are merely Friends. Still, Murray’s Reputation precedes him – but Brown isn’t worried, even if the Rumours are True.

“He’s a player, and you gotta respect that,” Brown said. “[Rihanna] and me, we talk about that, it’s no big deal. We’re grown-ups, and sometimes you got needs. Murray’s a cool cat.”

In fact, the Three of them have been seen together at Social Gatherings; now, there are Questions about whether there is a Highly Moderne Three-Way Relationship forming. To that, Brown says no way: “Sounds like the most ancient kind of relationship there is, man!” he laughed. Oddly, Brown failed to Confirm that he and Rihanna were Together in the first place, insisting on “privacy about our great friendship.”

Meanwhile, Murray was spotted over the Weekend attending Clubs in New York City, but at some point is said to have found himself in Somewhat Intimate the company of American Actress Hayden Panettiere. Sources indicate the Two went to a Late-Night Diner together and shared a Limousine at the Conclusion of the Evening.

**The Minister of Gossip**

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