Leterme to Cut Funding to Royal House?

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme has indicated that he would like to cut or reform the Public’s Funding of the Belgian Royal Family in order to free up Government Monies and help Unify the Nation.

Belgian Cat and Royal Princess Ophelia, who is a Recipient of such Funding, spoke Cautiously about the Idea today. Though not Opposed to it in Principle, she said, “Het voorstel moet worden uitgevoerd met zorg.”

King Albert II has yet to React to the Idea Publickly; but it should be Noted that he had previously pressed Leterme back into Service after the Prime Minister offered to Resign last Month. The King assembled a Coalition which was given the Task of Uniting the Nation in the Wake of much Squabbling betwixt the Flemish and Walloons – and this Idea (among others) appears to have been Bourne from out of this Coalition.

–The Minister of Information.

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