Dirtyface Suspected in Gruesome Threat

“Dirtyface” Zanoni, Notorious Gangster and Belgian Cat, is a prime Suspect in the latest Mafioso-like Stunt to befall Nurses in France.

A Nurse at the French Mater Dei Health Facility was served up the Head of a Mouse in her Salad. Authorities have traced the head back to a Packaging Plant in Belgium which has Known Ties to the Dirtyface Gang. Now, International Constables are searching for Hints that “Dirtyface” is making a move to Take Over yet another foreign Union. His Gang hijacked the Rubbish Collectors’ Union on Guam earlier this Summer and has since been placing Pressure upon Port Owners on the Island to ease Restrictions on Certain Goods deemed Valuable to many Belgian Cats.

This latest Stunt resembles the infamous Severed Cow’s Head Scene in the film “The Godfather” – a known Favourite of “Dirtyface” Zanoni’s.

-The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium-

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