Swordmaker and Client Commemorates Madame Isis

A known Associate and presumed Client of Belgian Cat Madame Isis has commemorated his Love for her by creating a Masterful Sword in her honour.

Swordmaker Tony Swatton, with whom Madam Isis has been Acquainted for many Years, has created a stunning Design for the Madame Isis Sword, featuring two intertwined Serpents that mirrors the Insignia located above the Doorway on the Lady In Waiting’s famed House of Ill Repute. Swatton has also created a companion piece, a Dagger with the Moniker “Baby Isis.” No word as to the Exact Origin of that Particular Addition, but it is an equally Stunning piece of Artistry.

Both items will be Auctioned through the Web-Site The Devil’s Candy Store at some point in the Near Future.

–The Minister of Information.

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