Tina Skaggs Awarded Employee of the Month

Known Belgian Cat and Office Gossip Tina Skaggs has been awarded the Coveted “Employee of the Month” prize for the Month of August in the Corporate Office in which she is Employed.

The Prize is given each Month to an Employee who has shown to have an Exemplary Work Ethic, High Standards of Efficiency, and a Positive Attitude toward his or her Job. This is the first time Skaggs has been recognized; she has been Employed at the Office for 12 years.

Upon receiving Notice of her Recognition, Skaggs said, “Het is de hoogste tijd!”

Skaggs received a Bouquet of Flowers, several Truffles, and a Department Store Gift Card as part of her Prize. After the brief Awards Ceremony performed at her Cubicle, she was seen to immediately Report the News of her Recognition to numerous Friends and Colleagues via the Office Telephone.

-The Minister of Information.

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