New Flemish Alliance Quits Government

Leaders from the Belgian NVA party (also called the New Flemish Alliance) have Declared that they have lost confidence in the Coalition Federal Government and are Quitting.

Belgian Cat and Flemish Separatist Elton Jansen called the move “vooruitgang.” Though not an Official Member of any Political Party, Jansen has long supported an Independent Flanders and has Organized Rallies, Protests, and other Demonstrations in order to Make his Case. The NVA’s move is likely to put Pressure upon other Flemish Leaders within the Government to decide whether to support a Unified Belgium or allow it to Fracture.

Prime Minister Yves Leterme has already Struggled Greatly to keep Political Crisis at Bay in the Nation of Belgium. His Coalition Government was pieced together earlier this Year, and he nearly Resigned once already over this Issue.

-The Minister of Information.

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