Mei Mei & Pan Pan to Attempt Rare Feat

Trapeze Tandem Mei Mei and Pan Pan announced this Week that they shall be Attempting a Rarely-Executed Feat of Death-Defiance in their Upcoming Circus Performance.

The Feat, dubbed “Gevaarlijke Vliegende Bal,” involves both of the Daring Belgian Cats clutching One Another while Flying unaided through the Air, Spinning About, Arms and Legs Aflutter in all Manner of Awe-Inspiring Acrobatic Feats, and making Contact only with Dangling Ropes which they shall use to Re-Launch themselves back into the Air. The end Result, as described in the Duo’s Promotional Materials, is like a Leaf, which, upon Drifting toward the Ground in a Beautiful yet Unpredictable Fashion, is then Caught in a Gust of Wind and Hurled Back into the Sky only to Twitter and Spin Back toward the Ground Again.

The Canadian Circus Troupe Cirque du Soleil attempted to Incorporate a Similar Performance into their show, “Corteo,” when it was Conceived in 2002 but Abandoned it over Safety Concerns.

As Usual, Mei Mei and Pan Pan intend to Execute this Unique and Difficult Feat without the Use of a Safety Net, putting themselves in as much Danger as Possible. The Act is set to Debut early in 2009.

—The Minister of Culture—

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