Van Rompuy Tapped to Form New Government

Parliament speaker Herman van Rompuy was Appointed to head up a New Coalition Government in Belgium this Week by King Albert II after Wilfried Martens nominated him as the Best Candidate for the Job of Replacing disgraced Former Prime Minister Yves Leterme. Leterme resigned his Post last Week.

Socialist Walloon and Belgian Cat Persia Zuur described the Appointment as “met potentiële,” while Flemish Separatist Leader and Belgian Cat Elton Jansen felt it was “belachelijk.”

Van Rompuy is a Flemish Christian Democrat, the same Political Party as Leterme, and is committed to Efforts to maintain a United Belgium by Resolving Differences between Flanders and Wallonia.

–The Minister of Information.

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Belgian Cats Celebrate Christmas

The Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions has Noted that King Albert II celebrated Christmas today at the Royal Palace in the Belgian Tradition with his Daughter, Belgian Cat Princess Ophelia. Belgian Ambassador Armondo Blanco was also in Attendance. Chansonnier Cadenza Vieuxtemps performed Musical Renditions of Christmas Favourites at the Ceremony.

Flemish Separatist and Belgian Cat Elton Jansen Celebrated the Holiday at a Public Gathering in Bruxelles. Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels also attended the same Gathering.

Celebrity Belgian Cat and Mountaineer Rocky Rhodes dressed as Sinterklaas and handed out Gifts to Children at an Event in Brugge. Meanwhile, Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone exchanged Gifts in Private with American Actress Hayden Panettiere.

–The Minister of Culture–

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Belgian Government in Chaos

The Belgian Government, which in its Most Recent Form was governing under Shaky Conditions at Best, has now Resigned and shall be Replaced by an Interim Government until New Elections can be Held.

Prime Minister Yves Leterme, who has come under Fire recently over his Dealings with Financial Giant Fortis, recipient of a Massive Government Bail-Out, offered up his Resignation to King Albert II this week. It was the Second Time this Year that he has attempted to Resign, his Effort having been Rejected by the King the First Time Round.

For Now, ex-Premier Wilfried Martens shall take Charge of the Nation’s Governance and Attempt to Co-Ordinate a New Coalition, King Albert said. The King’s Daughter, Princess Ophelia, shall also Serve on the Transitional Team.

Elton Jansen, a Belgian Cat, Flemish Separatist, and Long-Time Critic of Leterme‘s, said today that the Dissolution of the current Government was “het juiste te doen ding,” and that Leterme’s Legacy will “zal voor altijd verbonden worden met corruptie en mislukking.” Indeed, Leterme’s efforts to maintain a United Belgium were in Direct Conflict with the Flemish Separatist Movement, and were fraught with Failure from the Outset.

Belgian Cat and Financial Consultant Tigger Sauerzopf noted that the Injection of Funds into Fortis was “waarschijnlijk noodzakelijk,” but he refused to Comment upon the Political Maneuverings that might have been involved and Contributed to Leterme’s Down-Fall.

–The Minister of Information.

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Belgian Beer for a Year

Jeepers de Vooght, Belgian Cat, Monastic Brewer, and member of the Belgian Brewer’s Guild, provided the Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts with this Article, referencing the Fact that there are so many Excellent Traditional Beers in the Nation of Belgium that one could drink a Different Brew each Day for over a Year without a Repeat of the Same Formula. Jeepers maintains the Purity of the Ancient Trappist Traditional Brews, but acknowledges the Excellence of Diversity within the Art of Belgian Brewing.

–The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts–

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Cinnamon Skips Antwerp Barista Championship

Belgian Cat, Assassin, and Award-Winning Barista Cinnamon Calhoun declared herself “Unable to Attend” this year’s highly-publicized Belgian Barista Championship hosted in Antwerpen by the Caffènation Coffee Company.

This year’s Winner was Melanie Nunes, whose 570.5 Points easily out-distanced the Runner-Up, Stefaan Behaeghe, by 30 points. Points were Awarded based on a Number of Factors including Flavour, Presentation, Quality of Specific Drinks (e.g. a Cappuccino), etc. Many Excellent Cups of Espresso were had by all of the Judges, resulting in a High-Energy Event all around.

Cinnamon claimed that she was Not Able to Attend due to an Illness in her Family, although International Constables suspect this may have been a Cover for another, altogether more Unsavoury Assignment.

>The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts<
& The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

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Murray and Hayden Go Ice Skating

Belgian Cat and Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone and his Significant Other, American Television star Hayden Panettiere, were out Celebrating the Holiday Season this Week by Ice Skating at Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Couple, which has been Avoiding the Paparazzi of Late by keeping to Themselves (and generating Speculation about more Philandering by Murray, who has a Reputation), looked Happy and seemed to be having a Great Deal of Fun during their Outing. Observers said that after their Stint at the Ice Rink, they couple Darted Off to Beverly Hills to do some Holiday Shopping.

-*-The Minister of Gossip-*-

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Emami Attacked in China

Belgian Cat and Muckraking Photojournalist Lilu Emami was the Victim of an Assault this Week by Chinese Authorities in an apparent Effort to Intimidate Foreign Journalists in that Country.

Emami, known for her Provocative Reportage, was in Henan Province in China with several Colleagues from a Belgian Television News Agency VRT doing a Series of Reports on AIDS in Conjunction with World AIDS Day, which Falls on December 1st. Their News Van was Pulled Over for no apparent Reason, and the Journalists were pulled Violently from it, their equipment Damaged, and some of their Videotapes and Recording Equipment confiscated.

Exactly What it Is that the Assailants were After is Unclear.

The Incident has sparked Outrage from the International Community of Journalists, who have been Appealing the Chinese Government to Loosen their Stranglehold on News Reports in their Country and provide Safeguards for Foreign Journalists attempting to do Work there.

The Chinese Government has said that an Investigation into the Incident is Underway; VRT is asking for Compensation for its Damaged Equipment and for a Formal Apology from China.

Meanwhile, Belgian Ambassador Armondo Blanco has been Dispatched to China to meet with the Nation’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the Incident and any possible Solutions going Forward.

–The Minister of Information.

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Belgian Prince, Princesses Visit Singapore

Belgian Crown Prince Philippe and his Lovely Wife Mathilda met last Week with Singapore President Sellapan Ramanathan to discuss Matters of State, while Philippe’s Sister, Princess Ophelia, enjoyed Sight-Seeing in the Island Nation.

The Three Members of the Belgian Royal Family, who are Very Close, are traveling together on a Mission of Diplomacy in Asia. While Philippe and Mathilda were Discussing Diplomatic Matters with the President and his Wife, Princess Ophelia took the Day to Tour the City and the Island’s Beautiful Coastlines whilst Taking Advantage of many Chances to Meet the Citizens, as well as numerous Photo Opportunities.

Next Day, all Three of the Belgian Entourage met with Singapore’s Deputy Prime Minister Shunmugam Jayakumar for an Open Dialogue about the Two Nations’ Mutual Interests regarding Trade Relations and the International Community.

All Parties seemed Encouraged by the Visit.

–The Minister of Information.

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