Emami Attacked in China

Belgian Cat and Muckraking Photojournalist Lilu Emami was the Victim of an Assault this Week by Chinese Authorities in an apparent Effort to Intimidate Foreign Journalists in that Country.

Emami, known for her Provocative Reportage, was in Henan Province in China with several Colleagues from a Belgian Television News Agency VRT doing a Series of Reports on AIDS in Conjunction with World AIDS Day, which Falls on December 1st. Their News Van was Pulled Over for no apparent Reason, and the Journalists were pulled Violently from it, their equipment Damaged, and some of their Videotapes and Recording Equipment confiscated.

Exactly What it Is that the Assailants were After is Unclear.

The Incident has sparked Outrage from the International Community of Journalists, who have been Appealing the Chinese Government to Loosen their Stranglehold on News Reports in their Country and provide Safeguards for Foreign Journalists attempting to do Work there.

The Chinese Government has said that an Investigation into the Incident is Underway; VRT is asking for Compensation for its Damaged Equipment and for a Formal Apology from China.

Meanwhile, Belgian Ambassador Armondo Blanco has been Dispatched to China to meet with the Nation’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the Incident and any possible Solutions going Forward.

–The Minister of Information.

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