Cinnamon Skips Antwerp Barista Championship

Belgian Cat, Assassin, and Award-Winning Barista Cinnamon Calhoun declared herself “Unable to Attend” this year’s highly-publicized Belgian Barista Championship hosted in Antwerpen by the Caffènation Coffee Company.

This year’s Winner was Melanie Nunes, whose 570.5 Points easily out-distanced the Runner-Up, Stefaan Behaeghe, by 30 points. Points were Awarded based on a Number of Factors including Flavour, Presentation, Quality of Specific Drinks (e.g. a Cappuccino), etc. Many Excellent Cups of Espresso were had by all of the Judges, resulting in a High-Energy Event all around.

Cinnamon claimed that she was Not Able to Attend due to an Illness in her Family, although International Constables suspect this may have been a Cover for another, altogether more Unsavoury Assignment.

>The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts<
& The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

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