Murray Comforts Rihanna in Wake of DV Incident

Belgian Cat and Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone paid a Lengthy Visit to the Home of American Music Star Rihanna, who has been Beset with Unwanted Publicity after skipping the Grammy Awards under the Cloud of an alleged Domestic Violence Incident with her Significant Other, Chris Brown.

Murray and Rihanna have a History Together, but both of their Publicists Insisted that the Visit was intended to give Comfort to Rihanna during this Stress-Filled Time. Murray, who is currently Linked Romantically to American Actress Hayden Panettiere, has a Reputation as a Philanderer, but is also Known to be a Strong and Loyal Friend. Murray’s Reported Trysts with Rihanna were Dismissed by Brown last Year as not Threatening to himself or their Relationship.

Still, Police are Investigating a possible Long History of Violence betwixt the Two; meanwhile, those coming to the Defence of Brown are making every Effort to Turn the Tables and blame Rihanna for Brown’s Actions. This is a Common Part of the Cycle of Violence and Denial seen in Abusive Relationships.

–The Minister of Gossip–

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