Belgian Royalty Keeping Low Profile

In these Difficult Economic Times facing the Nation of Belgium and the World, the People have been shown to have a relatively Low Tolerance for frivolities such as Glitzy Parties, Flashy Public Displays of Wealth, and the obvious Wasting of Money as proof of Social Status.

With that in mind, King Albert II of Belgium, as well as his Kin – including such notables as the Belgian Cat and Royal Princess, Ophelia – have been Toning Down their Public Appearances.

Albert and his Wife have been staying at the Royal Palace, administering to Matters of the State, including the ongoing Discussions between the parties of Flanders and Wallonia about maintaining a United Belgium.

Ophelia recently visited a Troubled General Motors Factory in Antwerp to show support for the Working Classes. She wore a Modest Outfit as a means of keeping her Critics Quiet regarding her Pension for donning Clothing of the Highest (and most Expensive) Fashions.

A Spokes-Person for the Royal Family pointed out that the King does not wish to appear Out of Touch with the Struggling Peoples of his Country, particularly during such difficult Economic as well as Political Turmoil.

–The Minister of Information.

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Sauerzopf Points to Improvement in Consumer Confidence

Belgian Cat and Financial Consultant Tigger Sauerzopf pointed to a slight Improvement in the Belgian Consumer Confidence Index during April as a Positive Step towards a Secure Belgian Economic Future.

The Index, which measures Overall Confidence based on factors such as Ability to Save, the Nation’s Economy, etc, rose marginally but is still in the Negative. Still, this is the first time the Index as Gained since the start of the Economic Downturn and the collapse (and subsequent Government Bail-Out) of the Belgian Banking Giant Fortis last September.

Sauerzopf, who has stated that he “betreurt” the term “Consumer,” nevertheless Conceded that an Individual’s Perception about their own Finances and Savings Accounts are a Key Factor in Recovery during an Economic Downturn, if only for the Reason that they Reflect the True Status of available Jobs and the Cost of Goods for Ordinary Citizens.

–The Minister of Economics–

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Dirtyface Gang Linked to Rotterdam Shooting

Authorities are attempting to Trace the Gun used in the Shooting of four Tourists in a Cafe in Rotterdam, Netherlands over the Week-End to Notorious Gangster and Belgian Cat “Dirtyface” Zanoni.

Witnesses say that the Shooter was involved in an Argument with the Tourists, left the Scene, then returned and opened Fire. One of the Tourists was killed.

Dirtyface’s Gang is a Known Trafficker of Fire-Arms, and has Previously been Linked to Supply-Chains into the Netherlands, where Guns are virtually Banned for Citizens. Zanoni is not implicated in the Shooting Itself, as it does not appear to be Gang-Related; however, Border Authorities have been Instructed to Tighten Security in an attempt to Prevent more Fire-Arms from entering the Country.

-The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium-

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Legitimacy of Moldova Elections in Doubt

Independent Observers from the University of Brussels, including Belgian Cat Professor Nanu and his Colleague Julien Danero, have called into Question the recent Elections in the Republic of Moldova.

Since the Election of the Communist Party to head the Government on April 5th, Moldova has been Marred by violent post-Election Rioting and Protesting in the City of Chişinău; the Belgian Observers indicated in their Findings that those Protests may be quite Valid. Allegations of Fraud were found in Numerous Regions of the Country and the Observers could not Dis-Prove them. Professor Nanu today called for an International Inquiry into those Allegations.

Most of the Protests in Moldova have called for a Re-Do of the Election, though at this Time such action appears Un-Likely.

–The Minister of Information.

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Belgian Cats Administrators Expanding Reach

The Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions has recently Encouraged the Minister of Information to expand the Availability of Information Regarding the Belgian Cats to several Incarnations of the Social Web.

As a Result, the Minister of Information, in Conjunction with the Minister of Technological Gadgetry, has begun using the Web-Site Twitter, which he shall utilize to keep Citizens Updated on Items of Great Importance which Relate to the Belgian Cats.

Some Months ago, the Minister of Information also rolled out a Face-Book Page for Users of that Social Networking Environment. Those who sign up as “Fans” shall be provided with Instant Updates about the News of the Belgian Cats as it appears on this Blog, as well as other Important Links, Relevant Applications, and so-called News Blasts.

These Technological Innovations are a part of an Expanded Effort by the Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions to Craft a Global Sense of Awareness of the Belgian Cats and their Acktivities.

–The Minister of Information & the Minister of Technological Gadgetry.

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