Dirtyface Gang Linked to Rotterdam Shooting

Authorities are attempting to Trace the Gun used in the Shooting of four Tourists in a Cafe in Rotterdam, Netherlands over the Week-End to Notorious Gangster and Belgian Cat “Dirtyface” Zanoni.

Witnesses say that the Shooter was involved in an Argument with the Tourists, left the Scene, then returned and opened Fire. One of the Tourists was killed.

Dirtyface’s Gang is a Known Trafficker of Fire-Arms, and has Previously been Linked to Supply-Chains into the Netherlands, where Guns are virtually Banned for Citizens. Zanoni is not implicated in the Shooting Itself, as it does not appear to be Gang-Related; however, Border Authorities have been Instructed to Tighten Security in an attempt to Prevent more Fire-Arms from entering the Country.

-The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium-

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