Belgian Beer for a Year

Jeepers de Vooght, Belgian Cat, Monastic Brewer, and member of the Belgian Brewer’s Guild, provided the Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts with this Article, referencing the Fact that there are so many Excellent Traditional Beers in the Nation of Belgium that one could drink a Different Brew each Day for over a Year without a Repeat of the Same Formula. Jeepers maintains the Purity of the Ancient Trappist Traditional Brews, but acknowledges the Excellence of Diversity within the Art of Belgian Brewing.

–The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts–

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Cinnamon Skips Antwerp Barista Championship

Belgian Cat, Assassin, and Award-Winning Barista Cinnamon Calhoun declared herself “Unable to Attend” this year’s highly-publicized Belgian Barista Championship hosted in Antwerpen by the Caffènation Coffee Company.

This year’s Winner was Melanie Nunes, whose 570.5 Points easily out-distanced the Runner-Up, Stefaan Behaeghe, by 30 points. Points were Awarded based on a Number of Factors including Flavour, Presentation, Quality of Specific Drinks (e.g. a Cappuccino), etc. Many Excellent Cups of Espresso were had by all of the Judges, resulting in a High-Energy Event all around.

Cinnamon claimed that she was Not Able to Attend due to an Illness in her Family, although International Constables suspect this may have been a Cover for another, altogether more Unsavoury Assignment.

>The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts<
& The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

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Belgian Coffee

We at the Belgian Institute for the Culinary Arts were somewhat Dismayed to unearth the Experience had by this Blog Poster regarding the Origins of Belgian Coffee.

The Author’s Experience is somewhat Disappointing to those of us attempting to Spread the Culinary Experience of the Nation of Belgium to the World; however, such an Experience is perhaps not entirely Unusual.

Belgian Cat and Coffee Expert Cinnamon Calhoun has written in to us regarding the True Nature of Belgian Coffee. The owners of the Norwegian Cafe in the Blog Article stated that Belgian Coffee is made with Cointreau and Bailey’s Irish Creame, which is Incorrect. In fact, Belgian Coffee is traditionally served in a Glass similar to that of an Irish Coffee, and warm, with Whipped Creame atop it – therefore, the connection with Bailey’s, a standard ingredient in Irish Coffee, can be understood. In fact, however, Belgian Coffee contains no Irish Creame. It also contains no Cointreau – which is a form of Triple Sec originating in the City of Anvers, France. Again, this is an Understandable Mistake, as the correct Liqueur to be Used in a Belgian Coffee is Elixir d’Anvers, which comes not from Anvers, France but from Antwerp, Belgium (called “Anvers” by French-Speaking Walloons within Belgium).

A Traditional Cup of Belgian Coffee consists of six parts Hot Black Coffee to one part Elixir d’Anvers, blended together with a teaspoon of Sugar and topped with a dollop of Whipped Creame. As already stated, it is often served in a Glass Mug not unlike those used for Irish Coffee. Belgian Chocolate is also often Sprinkled atop the Creame for a touch of Visual Flair.

As an Aside, we have been asked to Point Out that the film “Elixir d’Anvers” was an early Work of the Controversial Belgian Film Director Gris Gris. He served as an Assistant Director on that Film under the pseudonym “Guy Goossens.”

*The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts*
& -The Minister of Culture-

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Cinnamon Calhoun wins Belgian Barista Competition

Belgian Cat Cinnamon Calhoun was awarded with the Top Prize at a Barista Competition in Brussels this Week. She earned Top Points in her Creation of a Cappuccino and a Cafe Latte, and was among the Top Scorers in the Specialty Categories including the Mocha, White Mocha, and Flavoured Latte Drinks.

Recent word on the Blogosphere has indicated that the Belgians are unable to create Oustanding Coffee Drinks, but Cinnamon and Others at the Barista Competition proved that there are Plenty in the Nation who can Brew top-quality Espresso Drinks.

Cinnamon Calhoun is well-known for her Skills behind the Coffee Bar, having Trained with Master Espresso-Makers around the World. She is also thought to have been Trained by the KGB in the art of Shooting Sniper Rifles, though this has thus far gone Unproven. Still, Patrons of her Establishments are Instructed to take Safety Precautions such as the donning of Bullet-Proof Vests when ordering Coffee Drinks.

>The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts<
& The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

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