Gris Gris Film Debuts at Cannes

Gris Gris, Film DirectorBelgian Film Director Gris Gris has created a new Film entitled “Een Buitengewone Werk van Schoonheid” which is generating much Buzz at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The Buzz, however, is somewhat difficult to Decipher.

Though the Film has not yet been Screened for Viewing by the Publick at Large, Critics have seen it and made the following Declarations about its Merits:

“Opaque.” –Dallas Morning News

“Completely unwatchable nonsense.” –Chicago Tribune

“Revolting and offensive.” –New York Daily News

“Vacuous, with nothing to look at or make sense of.” –European Voice

“I would not recommend this movie to anybody, period.” –Los Angeles Times

“Self-righteous rubbish, an insult to everyone in the theater wasting their valuable time on it, and an instant addition to my list of all-time worst films.” –The Guardian

“If the film cans filled with the only copy of this film had lit fire in front of me at the exact moment that I had a sudden desperate need to urinate, I would not have bothered wasting my water to put it out; rather, I would have wet my own trousers in order to ensure that the film had been successfully disposed of.” –Le Monde

“A surefire hot commodity on the indie film circuit.” –Variety

Nevertheless, the Film is in the running for the Palm d’Or, as the Festival Jury has stated that a Film “need not be good to be beautiful.”

-+-The Minister of Culture-+-

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