Armondo Blanco to make Diplomatic Trip to Syria

Armondo Blanco, Belgian Ambassador, will be making a Diplomatic Voyage to Syria in an Effort to Strengthen Spotty Relations between the Two Nations.

Blanco will be Received by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Damascus. The Two are expected to Discuss a stronger Trade Relationship, but Analysts predict that Blanco, known for his Straight-Forward Manner, will probably press Muallem on Matters of a Political Nature in an Attempt to Understand some of the Fundamental Differences between the Political and Social Philosophies of the Two Nations.

No official Policy Matters are Likely to change as a Result of the Diplomatic Trip, which is to take place Next Week, but the Belgians have recently Increased their Efforts to create Relationships with some of the more Controversial and Isolated Nations of the world, including (most recently) Cuba.

Syria has Oft been Scrutinized by America as being In League with Terrorists, much to that Nation’s Annoyance – and was Bombed this Week by U.S. Forces from their Bases in Iraq.

–The Minister of Information.
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Persia Zuur Brokers Deal with Cuba

Belgian Cat, Walloon, and Political Insider Persia Zuur helped broker an Economic Agreement between the French Region of Belgium and the Cuban Economic Minister, according to the Cuban News Agency ACN. Zuur is known for his Ties to Socialist Leaders Worldwide and for his Behind-The-Scenes Dealmaking with Questionable Characters. This Agreement appears to be No Exception.

–The Minister of Information