Dirtyface Suspected in Gruesome Threat

“Dirtyface” Zanoni, Notorious Gangster and Belgian Cat, is a prime Suspect in the latest Mafioso-like Stunt to befall Nurses in France.

A Nurse at the French Mater Dei Health Facility was served up the Head of a Mouse in her Salad. Authorities have traced the head back to a Packaging Plant in Belgium which has Known Ties to the Dirtyface Gang. Now, International Constables are searching for Hints that “Dirtyface” is making a move to Take Over yet another foreign Union. His Gang hijacked the Rubbish Collectors’ Union on Guam earlier this Summer and has since been placing Pressure upon Port Owners on the Island to ease Restrictions on Certain Goods deemed Valuable to many Belgian Cats.

This latest Stunt resembles the infamous Severed Cow’s Head Scene in the film “The Godfather” – a known Favourite of “Dirtyface” Zanoni’s.

-The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium-

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Guam Rubbish Collectors Return to Work; Dirtyface Now in Control

Rubbish Collectors on the Island of Guam, who had stopped Work on Order of the Gang of Belgian Cat ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni several weeks ago, have returned to Work this Week, reportedly under an Agreement between Governor Felix Camacho and Leaders of the Dirtyface Gang.

With the Rainy Season beginning to Kick In on the Island, many Public Officials were anxious to get the Rubbish Cleared before it began Piling Up on the Streets and – with the addition of large amounts of Moisture – Rotting, Smelling, and creating a Health Hazard.

Dirtyface is likely to Maintain Control over the Rubbish Collection Union and will not be Pursued by Authorities. Many on the Island fear this might create a Precedent for continued Takeover Attempts by Dirtyface or other Influential Gangs, but many also Acknowledge that the move may have been Necessary under the Circumstances.

The Rationale for Dirtyface’s Interest in Guam is Unclear. The Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions has made numerous Efforts to Contact ‘Dirtyface’ Himself or a Representative of his Notorious Gang, but all such efforts have Failed. Some speculate that Dirtyface is looking for a Way In to Shipping Ports in the Pacific; others suspect that this Move may have more to do with his Plans to take over the world’s Fishing Industry.

–The Minister of Information.

Further ‘Dirtyface’ Tagging a Threat to Local Municipalities?

Further Tagging by ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni has been Spotted in San Jose, California. The Gang appears to be Focusing in Particular on Recycling and Rubbish Receptacles; Authorities are Investigating whether this is meant as a Threat to Local Rubbish Collectors, their Union Representatives, or even the Users of the Rubbish Bins Themselves. Here are some New Photographs from San Jose:

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Still no Recent Sightings of the Notorious Gangster Himself; International Constables working in San Jose have placed the Following Posters about Town in order to Raise Awareness of this Serious Matter:

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Field Representatives have also reported increased Levels of Dirtyface Tagging Evidence in the cities of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and upon the Island of Guam. If you have made a Sighting of Dirtyface or his Gang, please report it to the Belgian Controller of Cat Records & Director of Benign Intentions here.

To download the Wanted Poster for Dirtyface or for Other Criminally-Inclined Belgian Cats in order to Fully Inform members of your Neighbourhood of their Devious Activities, please visit our Belgian Cats Benign Propaganda Section.

Thank you, and Remain Safe.

—The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium—

Evidence of the Activities of ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni

The following Photographs were submitted as Evidence of the insidious Activities of “Dirtyface” Zanoni and his Gang.

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

Tagging Evidence of Dirtyface Zanoni

This Evidence was discovered in the American towne of San Jose, California. Residents of that city are Advised to be Cautious. No other Information is available at this Time about the Actual Whereabouts of Dirtyface himself; this Tagging could represent his Gang, or his Minions, attempting to overtake this Particular Area.

—The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium—