Justine Dumps Murray with Forehand Smack to the Face

After word spread that Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone was Spotted in Amsterdam with his Arm around Superstar Pop Singer Rihanna, our favourite recently-retired Tennis Great Justine Henin was Quick to Put an End to all Speculation about her Keeping Company with Murray.

“We waren samen, maar het is meer dan nu. Het is gedaan,” Justine stated emphatically, adding, “Hij is een lul!”

Witnesses in a Bruges Cafe said that the Break-Up was a Publick One, with some reporting that Justine even smacked Murray in the Face; others said she merely Tossed a Glass of Water on him. Either way, it was Quite a Scene.

Justine may be Heart-Broken, or just Bitter, but Murray moves on (as Usual) – he has already made Appearances at two recent Rihanna Concerts. Both of their Spokes-Persons, of course, deny any Hanky-Panky between the Two.

–The Minister of Gossip.

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Murray and Justine Spotted Again!

Tennis Superstar Justine Henin and Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone were Spotted once Again by Eagle-Eyed Celebrity-Watchers, this time on the French Riviera. Reports have them Cuddling, but not necessarily Kissing, and some Photographs have Surfaced.

Rumours have also Surfaced that the two showed up at a Party thrown by Belgian Film Director Gris-Gris in Cannes after the Film Festival there – but those in Attendance were strictly Close Friends of the Director (As Murray is Known to Be), and they have all been Quite Mum about whom or what they may have Seen.

And so, These Blurry Photos are the Best Evidence we can Give you at the Moment. Justine’s Publicist has decried them as “Inconclusive” – but you be the judge!

This Couple appears to be attempting a Get-Away from the Papparazzi - is it Justine and Murray?Arms Around one Another - that sure looks like Justine and Murray to us.We\'re not as Convinced on This One, but it was Submitted by a Viewer who seemed Quite Positive about the Subjects...

–The Minister of Gossip–

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Murray & Justine Linked?

Murray Malone, Jet-Set SocialiteNewly retired Belgian Tennis Star Justine Henin has been linked with Jet-Set Socialite Murray Malone in Recent Days. Numerous Gossips have reportedly Spotted the pair Canoodling in semi-Private Locales – but it is difficult to remain Private when you’ve got Murray Malone on your Arm and his Entourage of Paparazzi on your Heels. The two apparently met at a Fancy Party late last Year and became Fast Friends, but Murray was at that time linked with the beautiful Chansonnier Cadenza Vieuxtemps. That Pair has since Split (amicably, or so say their Publicists), and Murray, not one to remain Single for Long, has apparently Moved On to the sexy Tennis Star Justine, who split from her Husband early last year. No news as to whether this new Coupling is linked to Henin’s recent Retirement, which sent Shock-Waves throughout the Tennis Community.

–The Minister of Gossip.

Tennis Star Justine Henin

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