“La Bandita” to Take Advantage of Gap in Ferry Service

Just days after the Dutch Ferry company Norfolkline announced that it will resume Operations of a Ferry Route from Scotland to Belgium that is being Abandoned by the Greek company Superfast – but only after about an eight-month gap with no Service available, Belgian Cat, Swashbuckler, and Maritime Criminal “La Bandita” announced Plans to Hijack the Route during the Break and put the Squeeze on all of the Businesses and Individuals who depend upon the Ferry Service.

“La Bandita” is wanted by Authorities for Piracy in the Waters around Western Europe. Marine Constables and the International Constable of the Nation of Belgium are Advising any Individuals and Businesses who have been using the recently-abandoned Ferry Route from Rosyth to Zeebrugge to make every Effort to fine an Alternative Route, as “La Bandita” is not a Licensed Transportation Authority and will not provide proper Safety Measures despite presumably charging an Increased Fee for Transport. She is not expected to Harm Passengers; however, her motives should be considered Highly Suspect.

–The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium–

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“La Bandita” Spotted Off-Shore

Marine Constables were Startled this week when the Vessel of “La Bandita,” famed Belgian Cat and Swashbuckler, was Spotted off the Shore of Ostend.

The Vessel, a fast-moving Pirate Ship engraved with the Name of her Captain, rarely Turns Up in Belgian Waters – “La Bandita” is more Adept at Sneak Attacks in the Open Waters off the coast of Spain, which is where she received her Moniker more than a Dozen Years Prior.

Belgian Officials are somewhat Upset that Marine Constables were apparently not paying close enough Attention to nab the infamous Criminal as she approached Belgian Shores. In fact, it was a Civilian Boater who made the Identification and Phoned it in to the Constabulary.

“Ze zijn gevangen slapen,” one Official groused. “Dit is onaanvaardbaar. ‘La Bandita’ moet het gerecht worden gebracht.”

There is now speculation beginning to Surface as to the Reason that “La Bandita” may have shown up in the Vicinity of Ostend. Recent Reports have pointed out a large Increase in Illegal Immigration from Stow-Aways leaving Port in Ostend and heading toward Great Britain; this has not Historically been the sort of Illicit Activity in which “La Bandita” has Participated, but any possible Connections are being Researched nevertheless.

-The International Constable of the Nation of Belgium

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