Emami in Bar Melee, Reportedly Wins

Belgian Cat and Muckraking Photojournalist Lilu Emami was charged today with Involvement in a Melee at a Bar in Budapest, Hungary.

Eyewitnesses report that Emami, who claims she was in Budapest on “vakantie,” became Enraged when a pair of Local Men were making Lewd Remarks at her. She then proceeded to begin a Shoving Match with both men, which escalated into an Impressive Display of Emami’s training in the Thai Martial Arts, know as Muay Thai.

Police Reports indicate that the Men both suffered Numerous Lesions as a Result of the Fight, but Lilu Emami appeared Unscathed.

Emami is known for her Award-Winning Journalistic Photography, as well as her Sassy Attitude.

–The Minister of Gossip

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Emami Attacked in China

Belgian Cat and Muckraking Photojournalist Lilu Emami was the Victim of an Assault this Week by Chinese Authorities in an apparent Effort to Intimidate Foreign Journalists in that Country.

Emami, known for her Provocative Reportage, was in Henan Province in China with several Colleagues from a Belgian Television News Agency VRT doing a Series of Reports on AIDS in Conjunction with World AIDS Day, which Falls on December 1st. Their News Van was Pulled Over for no apparent Reason, and the Journalists were pulled Violently from it, their equipment Damaged, and some of their Videotapes and Recording Equipment confiscated.

Exactly What it Is that the Assailants were After is Unclear.

The Incident has sparked Outrage from the International Community of Journalists, who have been Appealing the Chinese Government to Loosen their Stranglehold on News Reports in their Country and provide Safeguards for Foreign Journalists attempting to do Work there.

The Chinese Government has said that an Investigation into the Incident is Underway; VRT is asking for Compensation for its Damaged Equipment and for a Formal Apology from China.

Meanwhile, Belgian Ambassador Armondo Blanco has been Dispatched to China to meet with the Nation’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the Incident and any possible Solutions going Forward.

–The Minister of Information.

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Lilu Emami Photographs Confiscated by US Military

Muckraking photojournalist and Belgian Cat Lilu Emami has been in Iraq for the past Several Weeks, taking Candid Photographs of the Effects of the American Military Presence in the Country – but her Recent Collection of Pictures was summarily Confiscated from Her by an American Military General over the Week-End.

Emami, who is Known for her Brazen Manner and Willingness to Challenge social Norms in her Photography, told Belgian Newspaper Le Soir, for whom she was On Assignment in Iraq, that she was Confronted by the General after taking Photographs of a Baghdad Hospital which housed Many Suffering Iraqi Youths who had been Injured by American Military Operations as well as Suicide Bomb Attacks and the Like.

“Nadat ik had veel foto’s, de algemene geëist dat ik hem geven,” Emami explains. “Ik weigerde. Dan, sommige soldaten me ontdaan van mijn camera en nam al mijn filmrolletjes uit mijn hele tijd in Irak. Zoals een journalist, was ik geschokt.”

The General Further refused to Report his Name, causing Emami to feel that the Maneuver was Highly Suspicious in Nature. “Wat zijn ze te verbergen?” Emami demanded. “Dit is de realiteit. De Amerikanen lijken niet geïnteresseerd in de werkelijkheid, alleen de waarneming.”

The American Military has Refused Comment on the Incident, other than to say that it is “under investigation.”

–The Minister of Information.

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Lilu Emami Added to Known Belgian Cats List

Lilu Emami, Muckraking Photojournalist, has been Officially Added to the List of the Known Belgian Cats. This sassy character takes Award-Winning Photos and raises Eyebrows with her Unflinching Insights on the harsh Realities of Life and Society.

—The Belgian Controller of Cat Records and Director of Benign Intentions—

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