Swordmaker and Client Commemorates Madame Isis

A known Associate and presumed Client of Belgian Cat Madame Isis has commemorated his Love for her by creating a Masterful Sword in her honour.

Swordmaker Tony Swatton, with whom Madam Isis has been Acquainted for many Years, has created a stunning Design for the Madame Isis Sword, featuring two intertwined Serpents that mirrors the Insignia located above the Doorway on the Lady In Waiting’s famed House of Ill Repute. Swatton has also created a companion piece, a Dagger with the Moniker “Baby Isis.” No word as to the Exact Origin of that Particular Addition, but it is an equally Stunning piece of Artistry.

Both items will be Auctioned through the Web-Site The Devil’s Candy Store at some point in the Near Future.

–The Minister of Information.

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Madame Isis in Cryptic Advert

Madame Isis, famed Belgian Cat and Lady in Waiting, has posted a somewhat Cryptic Portrait upon the Internet as an apparent Advertisement for her House of Ill-Repute. The Photo is thought to be of one of the Ladies under Contract with the Madame, and is already receiving Much Attention from Web Surfers.

–The Minister of Information.

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Madame Isis Denies Link to Miss Belgium

With the Miss Universe Pageant approaching and Oddsmakers giving this year’s Miss Belgium, Alizee Poulicek, a Strong Chance at taking home the Crown, Gossips are taking their Opportunity to Come Up with plenty of Tales from the Young Lady’s past.

Madame Isis, famed Lady in Waiting and Acquaintance of many Upper-Class Gentlemen, has denied the Rumour, spreading like Wild-Fire, that Miss Poulicek once worked in her Establishment. “Ik wens ze deden,” Isis stated Yesterday.” Ze zouden hebben gebracht in veel van de werkzaamheden!”

The 21-year-old Poulicek, attempting to remain Classy as a Miss Universe Candidate is Expected to do, has declined to Comment upon this particular Rumour. But this has only added Fuel to the Fire, as thus far at least Three anonymous Gentlemen have made claims about Encounters with Poulicek at the Estate of Madame Isis – and one has even made reference to a mysterious “Intimate Tattoo.” Judges at the Pageant will surely be on the Look-Out for that during the Swimming Suit Competition!

Add all of this to the semi-Scandalous News that Miss Belgium doesn’t speak Flemish (she hails from Wallonia), causing some Belgian Natives to Boo her at her National Pageant Victory. Still, Poulicek seems to be on the Fast-Track to a possible Miss Universe Crown.

The 2008 Miss Universe Pageant will take place on July 14th in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Stay tuned and expect Scandals!

—The Minister of Gossip—

Madame Isis appears in story of “Fiction”

Madame Isis, Lady in WaitingLady in Waiting Madame Isis has made a rather Realistic Appearance in a work of “Fiction” at the website Fictionpress.com. The story is written by an Individual whose Personal Experience with Madame Isis is Clear based on the Characteristics given to the Lusty Lady in the Story: she appears as a somewhat Mysterious yet Wise Woman of Great Influence and (perhaps) Inescapable Sexuality.

The Author uses what appears to be a Pen Name, “Female Fred,” most likely in order to Conceal his or her Identity from Publick Scrutiny about a Relationship with the famous Belgian Cat.

Read the Story here and make your own Judgement.

–The Minister of Information

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