Armondo Blanco meets with 110-year-old WWI Vet

Armondo Blanco, Belgian Ambassador, met with a Mr Harry Patch this week. Mr Patch is the last living British Veteran of World War I who fought in the Trenches, and he is celebrating his 110th Birthday. He was a Private in the British Army when he took part in the Battle of Passchendaele in West Flanders, Belgium, in 1917.

Armondo Blanco described Mr Patch’s Life Story as “inspirerende.” He offered Mr Patch a Basket of Fruits and a Bottle of Fine Belgian Ale, both of which were Graciously Accepted.

–The Minister of Information & the Minister of Historical Records

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Dirtyface’s Ancestor: A Belgian Mule?

Read this Brief Blurb about “Dirtyface” Jack, a beloved Mule from the History Books in California, USA. Could he be an Ancestor of the Notorious Gangster and Belgian Cat “Dirtyface” Zanoni?

>The Minister of Historical Records<