Belgian Beer for a Year

Jeepers de Vooght, Belgian Cat, Monastic Brewer, and member of the Belgian Brewer’s Guild, provided the Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts with this Article, referencing the Fact that there are so many Excellent Traditional Beers in the Nation of Belgium that one could drink a Different Brew each Day for over a Year without a Repeat of the Same Formula. Jeepers maintains the Purity of the Ancient Trappist Traditional Brews, but acknowledges the Excellence of Diversity within the Art of Belgian Brewing.

–The Belgian Institution for the Culinary Arts–

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InBev a Good Bet, says Sauerzopf

Belgian Cat and Financial Consultant Tigger Sauerzopf has Renewed his Assertion that Belgian Brewing Company InBev is a Strong Stock Purchase despite some prior Worries that the Take-Over of American Beer-Maker Anheuser-Busch would be put on Hold thanks to the recent Economic Downturn.

InBev this Week assured Investors that the Take-Over was still going Through, and should be Completed by the end of this Year. Sauerzopf, for his Part, has been Recommending the Stock since its Price Fell amidst those Worrisome Speculations about the Deal.

InBev’s stock price Increased by 10% as a Result of their Assurance. Anheuser-Busch, makers of Low-Quality Lager Budweiser, is the #1 Selling Brewing Company in America.

Belgian Cat and Monastic Brewer Jeepers de Vooght, meanwhile, Renewed his Assertion that the best Beers are brewed in the Ancient Trappist Traditions.

–The Minister of Economics.

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Jeepers’ Beers Featured in American Book

Monastic Brewer and Belgian Cat Jeepers de Vooght has been given the Full Treatment in a new Book about Belgian Beers by author and well-known Alcohol Enthusiast Michael Jackson (who bears No Relation to the Pop Singer of the Same Name).

The Book, entitled Great Beers of Belgium, features an excellent History of the Art of Beermaking in Belgium, particularly the Brewing Methods of the Trappist Monks and Others. In it, de Vooght and his Trappist Brewery are Referenced numerous Times, and their Beers given Favourable Reviews by the Author.

–The Minister of Information.

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