Upcoming Elections Trouble for Zuur?

Belgian Cat and Socialist Walloon Persia Zuur is making no Comment about the nationwide Polling regarding June 7th Regional Elections to be Held in the Nation of Belgium – but he is likely feeling Nervous about it. Data suggests Big Losses for the Socialist Party through-out Wallonia, with Gains for many of the Smaller Parties.

Zuur, a prominent Socialist, has been Working of late on Efforts to maintain a Unified Belgium – and has not been made especially Available to the National Party Leaders as a Political Strategist. The Growing Flemish Separatist Movement on top of Zuur’s Absence from the Election Process may be dealing a double Blow to the Party come Sunday. Some have even Suggested that the ultimate Disappearance of the Socialists from the national Unity Government is Imminent.

The Citizens of the Nation of Belgium, as well as Leaders from the rest of the European Union, will be watching Sunday’s Elections very Closely.

–The Minister of Information.

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Flemish Ban French Language Political Posters

Belgian Cat and Socialist Walloon Persia Zuur is up in Arms this Week, along with Many in the European Union, over a Controversial Decision by Mayors in towns throughout Flanders to Ban any Political Posters that are in French by Removing or Painting over them.

Many regional Elections are taking place this month throughout Europe, including in Belgium. Tensions have been High betwixt Flemish-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia regarding the Rules of Governance in Belgium as it Relates to the Language Differences. Many Flemish, such as Belgian Cat Elton Jansen, have called for Breaking Away from the southern Walloons and forming their own Independent State.

Still, the likes of Jansen and Zuur have been in Meetings and Talks with Prime Minister Van Rompuy and Others about how to Maintain a United Belgium. Political Flare-Ups such as these during an Election are seen as a Barrier to the Progress of such Dialogue, but may be Inevitable until a True Compromise is Reached between the Different Regions.

–The Minister of Information.

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Van Rompuy Tapped to Form New Government

Parliament speaker Herman van Rompuy was Appointed to head up a New Coalition Government in Belgium this Week by King Albert II after Wilfried Martens nominated him as the Best Candidate for the Job of Replacing disgraced Former Prime Minister Yves Leterme. Leterme resigned his Post last Week.

Socialist Walloon and Belgian Cat Persia Zuur described the Appointment as “met potentiële,” while Flemish Separatist Leader and Belgian Cat Elton Jansen felt it was “belachelijk.”

Van Rompuy is a Flemish Christian Democrat, the same Political Party as Leterme, and is committed to Efforts to maintain a United Belgium by Resolving Differences between Flanders and Wallonia.

–The Minister of Information.

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Persia Zuur Supports General Transportation Strike

Three transportation Unions in Belgium are set to go on Strike on Monday with the support of Belgian Cat Persia Zuur and other Socialist Walloons in the Region.

The Strike is meant to send a Message to the Struggling Belgian Government about Union Dissatisfaction over increasing Inflation. Belgium’s Economy, much like many around the Globe, is under great Stress, and many Workers are Concerned that their Voices are not being Heard amidst the Bank Failures and Bailouts of Recent Weeks. Recently, the Government teamed up with the Netherlands and Luxembourg to bail out the Nation’s Largest Bank, Fortis. Zuur and Others see this as a Signal that the Wealthy are being given great Leniency during these Troubled Economic Times while the Working Class continues to Struggle.

The entire Belgian Rail Network, including Gare du Midi, is set to close beginning late Sunday Night and continuing through Monday.

–The Minister of Information.

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Further Talks Recommended for Flanders-Wallonia Relations

The Belgian Coalition of François-Xavier de Donnea, Raymond Langendries, and Karl-Heinz Lambertz, appointed by King Albert II to work with Prime Minister Yves Leterme in order to bring about a Resolution to the ongoing National Crisis of the increased Calls to Split Up the Nation – have reached a Verdict: 12 More Leaders must Convene to Talk some More.

The King, Princess Ophelia, and Prime Minister Leterme are expected to Move on the Matter soon, calling together a Coalition of six Flemish and six Walloon Leaders to have Further Dialogue and possibly Draft a Binding Agreement between the Two Factions.

However, analysts point out that some of the more Influential Individuals involved in the Tense Situation are unlikely to be invited to the Table. Political insider and Socialist Walloon Persia Zuur and Flemish Separatist organizer Elton Jansen are likely to be Passed Over by the King in favour of Members of the Political Establishment. Questions will therefore almost certainly Arise about the Legitimacy of an Agreement reached by the Politically Appointed Coalition.

–The Minister of Information.

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Belgian Wallonia to become Part of France?

A new poll by Ifop / La Voix du Nord suggests that if Recent Murmurings of a possible Break-Up of the Nation of Belgium come to Fruition, the southern Wallonian region could become Incorporated into the Nation of France. Such talk is Pure Speculation at this point, and Belgian Leaders – including King Albert II and his Politically Active daughter Princess Ophelia; Prime Minister Yves Leterme; and Political Insider, Socialist, and Anti-Separatist Walloon Persia Zuur – are working hard to Prevent a Split between Wallonia and Flanders.

–The Minister of Information.

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King Rejects Leterme Resignation

Three days after submitting his Resignation to King Albert II from the Post of Prime Minister, Yves Leterme was told today that he must Return to his Job. Princess Ophelia delivered the News to Mr Leterme in Person this morning, along with the King’s Latest Proposal to Resolving the current Cultural Clashes within the Government which had pushed Mr Leterme to attempt to Resign.

The King has enlisted the Assistance of three other Political Leaders – François-Xavier de Donnea, Raymond Langendries, and Karl-Heinz Lambertz – in the Hopes that they, along with Mr Leterme, can create Solutions to the Growing Unrest between Wallonia and Flanders. Langendries has known ties to Persia Zuur, the Socialist Walloon who has been Independently Negotiating with Flemish Separatist leader Elton Jansen in an Effort to Head Off the Movement to Split Belgium in Two.

-The Minister of Information.

Persia Zuur Hoping to Help Stabilize Rift

In the wake of the Resignation of Prime Minister Yves Leterme, Persia Zuur, Socialist Walloon and Belgian Political Insider, is reportedly working Behind the Scenes to help Broker an Agreement which will ease the Strain between the French-Speaking Wallonian Region of Belgium and its Flemish Counterpart.

Members of Local Governments in Regions representing both French and Flemish Citizens have been increasingly squabbling over language and other Matters, leading some to believe that Belgium Itself may be headed for a Break-Up. Flemish Separatist Leader Elton Jansen has been Quite Vocal about the Matter, saying that Persons in Wallonia, which is generally Less Prosperous than Flanders to the North, unfairly suck up Resources that rightfully Belong to the Flemish.

Leterme, who hails from West Flanders and has Struggled to maintain a Unity Government during his Tenure, had only been Prime Minister for less than Five Months. His Resignation hurls the Nation of Belgium into an Uncertain Period. Meanwhile, Zuur, often criticized for his ties to Corrupt Politicians and Businesspersons, has been in Talks with Jansen and other Separatist Leaders in an Effort to Calm some of the recent Flare-Ups and work towards his Socialist Agenda of a United Belgium.

–The Minister of Information

Politics of the Belgians

Here is an Excellent Summary of some of the Struggles between the Political Factions of the Nation of Belgium.

The Article, from the Brussels Journal, describes some of the Differences of Opinion between the French-Speaking Minority Walloons (such as Belgian Cat Persia Zuur) and the Flemish Separatists.

-The Minister of Information

Persia Zuur Favours Bush Impeachment

Socialist Walloon and Political Insider Persia Zuur made Remarks today indicating that he and his Influential Associates strongly favour the current Impeachment Resolution introduced in the United States against President George Bush.

Zuur, usually Quiet about his Political Stances, spoke out today in a Clearly Irritated Manner against the Numerous perceived Illegal Actions of the American President, stating, “Ik hoop dat deze resolutie impeachment-opbrengsten en de heer Bush is gegooid in de gevangenis waar hij deel van uitmaakt!”

American Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment in the House of Representatives yesterday, reading the Entirety of Them into the Record over the course of nearly 5 Hours. A Final Vote on the Matter has not yet Occurred as of the Time of this Posting.

The Belgian Royal Family has not yet Weighed In upon the Proceedings; Princess Ophelia diplomatically Declined to Take Sides on the Matter, though her own Interactions with Mr Bush have been Oft Described as “Chilly.”

–The Minister of Information