‘Dirtyface’ Implicated in Bruges Jail-Break

Notorious Gangster and Belgian Cat ‘Dirtyface’ Zanoni has been implicated by Authorities in a recent Dramatic Escape from a Prison near Brugge.

The Prison Break involved three Highly Dangerous Criminals and an Accomplice taking over a Helicopter to fly to Freedom. One of the Criminals, Ashraf Sekkaki, is a known Associate of Zanoni’s, having been involved in a number of Bank Robberies attributed to the Dirtyface Gang prior to his Arrest in 2000. Sekkaki had also previously Escaped from another Belgian Prison in 2003 before being re-captured.

This is the third Helicopter Prison Break in two years from a Prison in Belgium – the first occurred in April of 2007 at Lantin Prison; the second was from a High-Security Prison in Ittre later in the same Year. These two Dramatic Escapes resulted in a Mandate for Helicopter-Proof Netting to be installed into all Belgian Prisons. The Brugge Facility has not yet Moved Forward with its Installation.

Along with Sekkaki, Mohammed Johry and Abdel Had Kahjary Mulloul are also on the lam. Belgian and International Authorities are working Diligently to track down the Trio and bring them back into Custody.

–The Minister of Information & the International Constable of the Nation of Belgium.

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