Upcoming Elections Trouble for Zuur?

Belgian Cat and Socialist Walloon Persia Zuur is making no Comment about the nationwide Polling regarding June 7th Regional Elections to be Held in the Nation of Belgium – but he is likely feeling Nervous about it. Data suggests Big Losses for the Socialist Party through-out Wallonia, with Gains for many of the Smaller Parties.

Zuur, a prominent Socialist, has been Working of late on Efforts to maintain a Unified Belgium – and has not been made especially Available to the National Party Leaders as a Political Strategist. The Growing Flemish Separatist Movement on top of Zuur’s Absence from the Election Process may be dealing a double Blow to the Party come Sunday. Some have even Suggested that the ultimate Disappearance of the Socialists from the national Unity Government is Imminent.

The Citizens of the Nation of Belgium, as well as Leaders from the rest of the European Union, will be watching Sunday’s Elections very Closely.

–The Minister of Information.

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Van Rompuy Tapped to Form New Government

Parliament speaker Herman van Rompuy was Appointed to head up a New Coalition Government in Belgium this Week by King Albert II after Wilfried Martens nominated him as the Best Candidate for the Job of Replacing disgraced Former Prime Minister Yves Leterme. Leterme resigned his Post last Week.

Socialist Walloon and Belgian Cat Persia Zuur described the Appointment as “met potentiële,” while Flemish Separatist Leader and Belgian Cat Elton Jansen felt it was “belachelijk.”

Van Rompuy is a Flemish Christian Democrat, the same Political Party as Leterme, and is committed to Efforts to maintain a United Belgium by Resolving Differences between Flanders and Wallonia.

–The Minister of Information.

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Persia Zuur Supports General Transportation Strike

Three transportation Unions in Belgium are set to go on Strike on Monday with the support of Belgian Cat Persia Zuur and other Socialist Walloons in the Region.

The Strike is meant to send a Message to the Struggling Belgian Government about Union Dissatisfaction over increasing Inflation. Belgium’s Economy, much like many around the Globe, is under great Stress, and many Workers are Concerned that their Voices are not being Heard amidst the Bank Failures and Bailouts of Recent Weeks. Recently, the Government teamed up with the Netherlands and Luxembourg to bail out the Nation’s Largest Bank, Fortis. Zuur and Others see this as a Signal that the Wealthy are being given great Leniency during these Troubled Economic Times while the Working Class continues to Struggle.

The entire Belgian Rail Network, including Gare du Midi, is set to close beginning late Sunday Night and continuing through Monday.

–The Minister of Information.

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Further Talks Recommended for Flanders-Wallonia Relations

The Belgian Coalition of François-Xavier de Donnea, Raymond Langendries, and Karl-Heinz Lambertz, appointed by King Albert II to work with Prime Minister Yves Leterme in order to bring about a Resolution to the ongoing National Crisis of the increased Calls to Split Up the Nation – have reached a Verdict: 12 More Leaders must Convene to Talk some More.

The King, Princess Ophelia, and Prime Minister Leterme are expected to Move on the Matter soon, calling together a Coalition of six Flemish and six Walloon Leaders to have Further Dialogue and possibly Draft a Binding Agreement between the Two Factions.

However, analysts point out that some of the more Influential Individuals involved in the Tense Situation are unlikely to be invited to the Table. Political insider and Socialist Walloon Persia Zuur and Flemish Separatist organizer Elton Jansen are likely to be Passed Over by the King in favour of Members of the Political Establishment. Questions will therefore almost certainly Arise about the Legitimacy of an Agreement reached by the Politically Appointed Coalition.

–The Minister of Information.

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Politics of the Belgians

Here is an Excellent Summary of some of the Struggles between the Political Factions of the Nation of Belgium.

The Article, from the Brussels Journal, describes some of the Differences of Opinion between the French-Speaking Minority Walloons (such as Belgian Cat Persia Zuur) and the Flemish Separatists.

-The Minister of Information

Persia Zuur Brokers Deal with Cuba

Belgian Cat, Walloon, and Political Insider Persia Zuur helped broker an Economic Agreement between the French Region of Belgium and the Cuban Economic Minister, according to the Cuban News Agency ACN. Zuur is known for his Ties to Socialist Leaders Worldwide and for his Behind-The-Scenes Dealmaking with Questionable Characters. This Agreement appears to be No Exception.

–The Minister of Information

Persia Zuur Implicated in possible Election Fraud?

Persia Zuur, Socialist WalloonPersia Zuur, the well-known Socialist Walloon, may be at work Yet Again in the Belgian Political Scene. The Council of Europe has appointed a French Person to investigate several Mayoral Elections in the Flemish region of Flanders which have come under Suspicion.

According to Euractiv.com:

“The three districts – Crainhem, Wezembeek-Oppem and Linkebeek – are situated in Flanders, but have French-speaking majorities. The three French-speaking candidates won large majorities, but the Flemish Government considers their victories flawed because the candidates sent electoral convocations in French, which it claims is illegal.

For Michel Guégan, the case reveals an unreasonable delay in that three elected local representatives have been denied the right to perform their duty, necessary for the good functioning of the respective districts. He did not venture to comment on whether the case was political or legal, but called for ‘more flexibility [and] more common sense’.”

Read the full article here.

Persia Zuur has been oft suspected of Involvement in Political Manipulation Schemes, though he has never been Officially Investigated in such Matters.

–The Minister of Information