Sauerzopf Shocked by Financial Collapse

Financial Consultant and Belgian Cat Tigger Sauerzopf has expressed shock at the recent financial collapse of the Nation of Belgium.

Last week, the International Monetary Fund predicted a steep 2.5% Shrinking of the Belgian Economy in the next Year. This follows several Phases of Bail-Outs for Belgian Financial Institutions (including its Largest Bank, Fortis) which have Taken Place over the Last Several Months in Conjunction with the Struggling Global Economy. As a Whole, Belgians are Struggling Economically, with Record Numbers losing their Employment since last September.

Sauerzopf, who introduced the Different Theory of Global Capitalism and is an Expert in the Field of Finance, says that even He has been Unnerved by the Sudden and Steep Slip in the Economic Stability of Belgium.

“De economie functioneert binnenkant van een zeepbel, die altijd op het randje van de ontploffing,” Sauerzopf Remarked this week. “Echter, de omvang van deze zeepbel is angstaanjagend. Ik weet niet of we kunnen herstellen met behulp van de oude economische modellen. We moeten om te beginnen met de wereldeconomie opnieuw.”

Sauerzopf was Speaking at a Conference hosted by the Free University of Brussels and Moderated by Professor Nanu, a former Teacher of Sauerzopf’s.

–The Minister of Economics

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Professor Nanu Excited to Receive Pencil Box

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels has expressed Excitement over the fact that the Belgian Postal Service will be giving Free Pencil Boxes to its Customers this week.

Nanu is Known to use a large number of Pencils over the Course of any given Semester, and has stated in the Past that Organization of those Pencils is often a particularly Time-Consuming Acktivity. “Deze box zal me helpen houden georganiseerd,” Nanu said with great Enthusiasm. “Mijn werk zal verbeteren, en mijn studenten zullen meer informatie!”

The Pencil Boxes will be given out on Saturday, September 27th, as part of the Postal Service’s “Day of the Customer” campaign.

-The Minister of The Giving Away of Things-

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Professor Nanu’s Cousin a Costume Expert

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels, a Known Belgian Cat, has a Cousin who is also a Professor. An expert in Historical Costumes and a Collector of Fine Hats, Ms Adina Nanu teaches in Bucharest, Romania at the National University of Arts.

Here is an In-Depth Interview with Ms Nanu regarding her Passion for Historical Costumes.

In his Memoirs, Professor Nanu writes Fondly of the Time he spent with his Cousin in his Youth. “Ze hield me aan te kleden,” he recalls. “Ik hield toen ze brengen kleding op mij. We waren heel dichtbij, voor een tijdje.”

The Two have not seen each other in some Years, as both are Busy Professors; however, they still keep in Touch and have Plans for a Get-Together soon, perhaps in Switzerland.

–The Minister of Information.

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Professor Nanu: Call for Conference Papers

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels has requested that the following Call for Papers be Brought to the Attention of those who are Interested in the Belgian Cats as well as Culture as a Whole:

The Free University of Brussels presents a Conference on the Historical Use of Images.

Professor Nanu will be Moderating one or more of the Panels at the Conference, which is expected to attract Many International Experts in the Field of Cultural Research and should spark Fascinating Discourse aplenty. The Conference shall take place Next March.

–The Minister of Culture–

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Professor Nanu Honoured

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels was Honoured this Week with the prestigious Kaetzel Prize for his Intellectual Research into the Progress of Society. Nanu’s published Works to Date encompass an Array of Subjects in this Area of Research, including “Birth Order, Behaviour, and Cookery,” “Fraudulent Science versus the Science of Frauds,” “Bird-Watching and its Effects on Creative Genesis,” and “How the History of Moderne Social Integration Resembles the Life of Flavor Flav,” among Others.

-The Minister of Information

Google Sued by Belgian News Agency

Professor Nanu of the University of Brussels was called upon recently to Participate in a Lawsuit being filed by Belgian Newspaper Group Copiepresse. Nanu was able to Calculate Damages caused to the Agency after Google stored Content on its Google News Search Engines without Permission from the Copyright Holder. Copiepresse is asking for Damages in the range of €32.8 million to €49.2 million for the Alleged Copyright Violation. Google denies any Wrongdoing.

Nanu was unable to Comment on his Ongoing Advisory Role other than to say that he remains in Contact with the Copiepresse representatives and plans to Assist them in whatever Manner they deem Necessary and Proper.

Here is a News Article about this Matter.

We will Continue to keep Readers Informed about this Case as it relates to Professor Nanu or any other Affected Belgian Cats.

-The Attorney General of the Nation of Belgium-

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